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Firstly, apologies to david perry for inadvertantly hijacking his thread . -entirely non-intentional as I was just pleased to read something from someone in a similar state of mind as myself....I guessed if I went in with a non-defeatist gung-ho attitude, I might be able to coerce / hoodwink someone else into this christmas dinner madness first. Still no progression on my plans, but my thoughts are tending towards the firepit...with just a bit more of a structure than a bare pit...and...I was just wondering what your thoughts might be on this: I have a couple of radiators worth of brand new firebricks intended for my brand new storage radiators. I wonder if they might be ok to use in some way to add thermal capacity to my cooker...and (when done) whether they will still be fit for original purpose afterwards. I'm tending towards a firepit/ oven temporary combo, ..essentially a firepit with a degree of wall structure and maybe something resembling a brick roof...but I have been seriously enthused by reading accounts of other builders, and may build something more permanent in the future for social purposes. Longer term (this is definitely veering off thread) I was hoping to design a pyro-tastic fire and brimstone area in the garden where I might be able to build something that could suit the varied purposes of spit roasting, oven roasting, tandoori cooking, iron forging and garden rubbish disposal (and would rather avoid the use of concrete). I actually have a load of tools collected for the iron forging bit but as yet dont have a decent forge. there you go..something to muse over and dismiss out-of-hand

As for grape variety...I prefer cab sav for the first bottle...and generally anything with a hydroxyl group in the second bottle (where the hydroxyl group isn't directly attached to a hydrogen atom!)..for the last bottle I'm even prepared to forego the hydroxyl groups.

all the best firemongers...p (desperate to be the first one to use all emoticons in my idiot messages)
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Thumbs up Happy Christmas to all you Oveneers!!

..and a great new year too!.

For those who care and who thought I might bottle about building an oven to bake my leg of lamb this christmas...here's the news...The lamb is currently undergoing some form of heat treatment (I'm not yet sure I can call it cooking) in an edifice more suited to the banks of the Ganges than my back garden. It took 1 hour and 10 minutes to dig the hole and line it with bricks--and a further two hours this morning to fire it up with enough wood to raise the bricks to red heat...this was actually unintentional and just happened, but led to the damp bricks spalling and firing slivers of hot brick in all directions hence I have been wearing full-face polycarbonate protection. I have also thus had to invoke the 'long-tom' manoeuvre...this is essentially a flowerpot I have repurposed to add an interface between putative heaven (my lamb) and hell (my furnace).

and that's it....The lamb was marinated yesterday in thyme, rosemary, oil and vinegar and before it went into the flowerpot today it was grilled above the hot coals to brown it and impart 'umami'...then into aluminium foil with a few more sprigs of rosemary...a foil door on the flowerpot- and then piling hot bricks and embers around and covering the whole with earth. I waited a while to rescue the earthworms that were enjoying the unseasonal warmth.

and that's it...the veg are on..the christmas pud is set to steam and it's t minus 20 or so before I get back outside to 'savour' the results.

If anyone cares I'll let you know how it tasted. Good news is the kids are starving and this might be the first time they ever ate all their veg. Gotta go to make the mint sauce!

all the best ..pete
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