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timo 03-27-2009 04:19 AM

How close to wood deck?
Hello all. I am crazy enough to look into building a WFO and appreciate this site and forum very much. My question is in regards to location to a wooden deck.

I have two choices for a location: Next to my sprawling wooden deck, or up on hill next to a flagstone patio where the fire pit is. How close can this oven be next to the wood deck? What kind of setback have people used? I don't want errand sparks or such torching my deck and house, but I want it to be part of the deck area, which is closer to the kitchen.

If I build up on the hill, the oven would have to be built into the side of a hill and costs would be more due to more material needed to bring it up to height.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

Modthyrth 03-27-2009 08:47 AM

Re: How close to wood deck?
I've only been cooking since late December in mine, but I've never had sparks come out the front (or chimney), even when I've built truly scary-large fires. It's wise to take precautions, of course, but I'd guess you could be very close to the wood deck. I know ovens and decks have been discussed before, but I think mostly in the context of whether a deck could bear the weight.


Vickie 03-27-2009 09:54 AM

Re: How close to wood deck?
My oven is directly in contact with my PT deck. It is fine. My plan if something pops out, or gets pulled out by accident, I have river rock on either side of the oven and I'll kick it off the deck. So far I've never had to do that, not even close. Almost a year of fires averaging twice a month.
If you are concerned, they make hearth rugs for indoor fireplaces that the apron is too small. They are fire proof and are designed to go over very flammable carpet.
I keep a dry fire extinguisher on hand in any case.... I was a girl scout!

Best luck...

MAVANO 03-27-2009 11:02 AM

Re: How close to wood deck?
It all depends if your planning to bake bread and you need to remove hot coals from oven I would take the precaution and place some kind of fireproof material on the deck in front of oven just to be safe, otherwise if its off of the deck with its own base footing it should be O.K. (I think) check your township fire-codes,

PizzaPolice 03-27-2009 11:33 AM

Re: How close to wood deck?
Mine is up against the deck... 6 feet away from the glass 3 season room. very little heat comes from the mouth out into the ambient air. Just ask any cold lady looking to warm up near it. You have to stand directly in front of it to get any heat. And that will be mostly radiant heat.
Like anything potentially dangerous, you want to monitor the fire.

dmun 03-27-2009 11:53 AM

Re: How close to wood deck?
If you're running this past the building inspector, expect some clearance to combustibles issues. For practical purposes, I think you can butt it up directly.

timo 03-27-2009 12:26 PM

Re: How close to wood deck?
Thank you all for your input. The wooden deck clearance was my first concern in planning. The building inspector wants plans, so I am trying to fit the pieces together.

Now, I have to plan for the 14" step up to the deck. I will have to either have the oven far enough away from the deck to have work room, or raise the whole oven 14" to match the height of the deck. That's a lot of concrete, so I have that to think about now.

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