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Default Re: House versus Igloo

So could the following not be a hybrid solution?

Retain the extra space for vermiculite by going up with the wall for a bit first and then start a wider arch "roof". The extra blanket piece on top is "insurance" that the PVC (any better suggestion? Heavy foil?) will not melt. The advantage of the sheet over the top is to guarantee no water intake even if outer gets time cracked. The outer wall can still be brick, stone, mosaic or what you like.
Difference from a standard house is that the arch creates less visual weight at the top and may thus be softer on the eye for those who like the dome shape more. The pics will not pass any ISO drawing standard, but I hope it carries the message :-)
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Default Re: House versus Igloo

Thanks for all the thoughtful input. It would seem there are many areas to consider. After reading over the replies and thinking it over a bit, I believe it is best for me to go with my original thought and do the house enclosure. Weather proofing (and maintaining it over time) did turn out to be the major factor in the decision.

@Dolf - the hybrid idea does seem to be a good consideration. Tscarborough seems to be saying a similar thing. That if you can isolate the exterior surface from the internal stresses of the oven (heat) or use a flexible material that can compensate for them, the dome could be less succeptible to the elements over time.
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Default Re: House versus Igloo

I think a house enclosure is a good choice. I'm already planning my next oven and it will be a house...for the weather/waterproofing aspects and the ability to use more insulation.

I'm going to do another oven on a trailer, on the one I recently finished I used only ceramic insulation...no perlcrete on the dome. The next one I'm going to use both. The house structure will allow me place a very weak mix of perlite and portland (maybe 12 to 1...10 to 1 at least) over the ceramic insulation all the way to the top of the walls. With an igloo in a mobile application, a weak perlcrete layer doesn't work (tried it , you end up with a big blob.

Good luck.
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Default Re: House versus Igloo

"which an igloo inherently can not provide."

I have a small vent on the top of my stuccoed igloo.

But in any case, it doesn't have to be either/or. You can quite happily build an igloo and if not satisfied, add an enclosure over it later.

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