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Default Re: A generic angle for the dome bricks?

I can vouch for the value and accuracy of Dino Pizza's pdf, he sent me one for my 36inch build last summer and it worked well for cutting the soldier course.

I know lots of folks use all manner of tools for holding the bricks as you lay course after course. I found that cutting the Celotex foam board I used as a template for the oven floor (36" diameter) into quarters gave me the perfect gauge to make sure the arc of each chain was more or less on the mark and ensured the top of the dome was near to 18 inches or so (actually close to 19 inches). Once the soldier course with its angle cut was in laying the first chain with the template I was able to guesstimate the size wedge i needed to place on the outside edge of each brick and then I cut about a half dozen or so. From then on it was pretty smooth sailing until the last 4 or 5 chains, which were close to horizontal. Then I wedged one of those exercise balls underneath until it was tight and laid the final courses.

If there was one "killer tool" I would say it was a mason's bag. It's like a bakers pastry bag except you use it with mortar instead of frosting. Using one makes it so easy to lay mortar with control and also, more importantly, shoot mortar into gaps and spaces you could not get to with a regular trowel.
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