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Default Re: First course brick ????

Hi there neighbor on the west island of the long white cloud...... well that's what the Kiwi's call it.... having only been here for four years from the main island (oz) myself there is not a day goes by that someone somewhere asks me to say six, so of course I oblige and say I would like sux pices of snipper fush and sum chups bro...... anyway that aside must say it is a good country.... so back to the bricks... I think that I will go to midland which is a boral company here in NZ. They have a range of solid clay pavers and I have just spoken to them and they informed me that they are fine for pizza ovens.... they are fired at a hight temp and will last about 25 years in a pizza oven.


Midland Brick NZ -- Clay Bricks & Pavers
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Default Re: First course brick ????

Hey Kriso, if you're near the quake area, you may find someone who has a fireplace that needs to, or has been removed due to structural damage. In this case you could recycle for the cost of your effort. Also someone has to be near that has a fireplace service or another WFO person that can give you a tip on somthing less than the 6.50.

Best to you!!

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