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Frances 09-14-2007 08:12 AM

Finding firebricks and insulation in Switzerland
You can get firebricks with the right amount of alumina content from these three places that I've found:

Kandern Feuerfest GmbH
(open Mo to Fr, EXEPT Friday afternoons)

(open Mo to Fr, but only sell to private persons on Mo and Wed afternoons)

Tonwerk Lohn AG in CH-8235 Lohn SH Pizzaofen, Zubehör, Brotbackofen, Schamottsteine, Platten, Feuerfeste Mörtel, Betone, Isoliersteine
(they have a really broad palet of products, no idea about the opening times, but they're about three hours drive away from where I live)

Notice something? I wanted to start my oven floor this weekend, the weather's going to be perfect, no other plans, and I CAN'T GET HOLD OF THE FIREBRICKS!! :mad:

Nothing for it but to hang around in the forum all weekend instead. This is soooooo AGRIVATING!!!

Anyway, I'll get insulation from this company

They sell all kind of rockwool products, at quite reasonable prices. And in addition, instead of throwing up their hands in horror when I asked for information (a reaction I get quite a lot on this project :) ) they were really helpful and pointed me in the direction of the precise product which they consider best for insulating a pizza oven.

Well, just on the off-chance that anybody else near here starts building a pizza oven...


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