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mnl 10-15-2013 03:49 AM

Finally started
Hi everyone

I have finally started a build. When I mean started, it really is only started as I have just started digging the hole for the concrete slab to build the base on.

I'm also trying to finalise my design and would like some advice on the following:

(a) I'm planning on building the base out of 16" x 8" grey blocks concrete filled as per the pompeii oven plans. To support the base I was going to put some fibro sheeting supported by a couple of spans of RHS which is keyed into concrete cored blocks. On top of this will go a cement slab with some calcium silicate board on top. Do I need the concrete slab for structural support or assuming the RHS is close enough together, should I be able to get away with putting the calcium silicate straight on top of that? Also, was planning on using the following for the hearth -->
HTML Code:
. Is this going to be thick enough at 50mm to give me enough thermal mass or should I put something underneath it like a layer of 50mm pavers? Also, does anybody know where I can get calcium silicate in Brisbane (Queensland Australia, not California)

(b) the oven will be a barrel vault. What do I need to do about buttressing the walls in order to withstand the outward force from the arch? I could concrete or refractory mortar them, however this will add significant thermal mass resulting in it taking a long time to heat up. I will at least lay the side walls in a running bond on the flat side, however I'm definitely not a mason, therefore concerned that my craftsmanship (or lack there off) will fail me and my oven!

Any advice appreciated as I want to make sure I have the design sorted before laying a slab. I would hate to lay the slab, build the base and decide I want to change the design but can't as the base size does not accommodate it.



mnl 10-15-2013 03:51 AM

Re: Finally started
School boy error, link fixed.

- Slab

cobblerdave 10-15-2013 04:18 AM

Re: Finally started
I noted a ref. to Claypave .... They do a kit for a "tunnel oven" has this influenced you choice of oven?
"Total ceramics" type that into your search, will give you a contact for insulation.
Regards dave

mnl 10-15-2013 05:24 AM

Re: Finally started
Thanks Dave. The barrel style was initially driven by a perception that it Wouk be easier to build than a dome. Not sure this is correct, but at the end of th day, perception is reality. I initially started with Alan Scott plans, but making some amendments such as hearth straight on top of insulation.

I typed in Total Ceramics into search and got a company in Perth called Total Commercil Ceramics. Is this the company you meant or are my google skills failing me?



mnl 10-15-2013 05:26 AM

Re: Finally started
Dave - also meant to ask, where did you get your firebricks from?

cobblerdave 10-15-2013 01:26 PM

Re: Finally started
Sorry for getting that wrong
Go to Aussie section page 2 and you'll find a thread "suppliers in Brisbane."
Any other help please free to PM me
Regards dave

cobblerdave 10-15-2013 02:35 PM

Re: Finally started
Re. Dome oven being hard to built V tunnel oven.
There are some truly awesome builds on here but it dorsnt have to get to complicated or require the use of a bricksaw and complicated tables to achieve a dome. My own oven was built with a brick bulster and angle grinder as simply as it could be. And still strong and functional
Check out Budget build 36" in this section, simple and one of the fastest builds I have seen.

hodgey1 10-15-2013 05:17 PM

Re: Finally started

Originally Posted by mnl (Post 163629)
Thanks Dave. The barrel style was initially driven by a perception that it Wouk be easier to build than a dome. Not sure this is correct, but at the end of th day, perception is reality. I initially started with Alan Scott plans.


I would have to agree with Dave that the build doesn't have to be crazy complicated.

When I ventured into building my own WFO I was going to build a barrel vault for the same reasons as you. I had never laid a brick and I worried that the round dome "Pompeii oven" would be a impossible task for me. I kept thinking, how do you make a dome with square blocks that wont collapse. After studying and reading a lot online and on the FB forum I came to the conclusion that the round oven was a better fit for me because my main focus was pizza and not baking bread. Also, after reading the plans on this site the Dome build began to make way more sense and became less scary.

I used the standard method described in the Forno Bravo plans and used mostly the full bricks cut in half for the majority of my dome. Once I got about about 6 or 7 rings of the dome completed I realized that I now had gained the skills to step it up a notch and cut a bevel and taper in each brick to tighten up the gaps, but it is not necessary.

I really want to stress not to settle on the barrel/tunnel build because of lack of skill. I believe that just about anyone with determination and some patients can build the Dome. I did and I've never laid a brick prior to this project.

If I can be of any help let me know.

mnl 10-22-2013 03:22 AM

Re: Finally started
Thanks for the feedback.

A couple more questions if I can please:

- I'm planning on doing the foundation slab 6" thick with deeper rat walls. It has been suggested to me that I should put 2 layers of rebar in. Any views or is this overkill? If just one layer, what thickness have you used?

- also, what thickness rebar have you used in your hearth slab. I was going to use 1/2" as this is what the Pompeii instruction have unless I get feedback to the contrary.

If it makes a difference, I leave in Brisbane Australia where it is rare to get down to 5 degrees celsius.



mnl 10-22-2013 03:58 AM

Re: Finally started
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I thought I should also post a photo. It is going to be a long project with my lack of progress and also with such good helpers!!!

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