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Default Re: Concrete/block free foundations?

I am planning on putting down individual blocks of limestone. I'm pretty sure I'd need a crane to move a solid piece that was a foot thick and 6' x 8'. The pieces that I have, I wouldn't excatly call pavers. They are around 10" to a foot thick and most are larger than 1' sq. I am planning on laying them in sand on top of the rubble/aggregate/sand mix that i filled the hole with. As far as compacting the 'sub-foundation' layer, I kinda figured I'd just pick up one of the larger rocks with the front end loader and drop it repeatedly. The novelty of having heavy equipment still hasn't worn off (not sure it ever will) and if not effective, it at least will be fun....Sounds like this isn't something anyone here has tried. I guess the worst that can happen is that I end up with some cracks, right?

I had to re-read your post ts. I thought you'd paid 12k to fix the foundation on that house. I was thinking you must be either very short, or that that was one huge fence...Quite the playhouse turned doghouse.

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Default Re: Concrete/block free foundations?

Well, the situation you mentioned is a bit typical because without seeing the soil and the whole setup, I can't tell anything, but if you have any pics of that, then it will help a lot.
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