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Default Re: Combustion Air

Unless you are providing outside air to the point source (for example to the lower entry area of your oven)
That's what I'm thinking needs to be done in this case.
the device does not require a combustion air kit.
What is that based on? Volume of air burned? Ventilation Code?
As an example, a double sided fireplace in the center of a room or between 2 rooms does not require outside air provision.
I think that may depend on the state you live in and whether or not your house is "tight" or not.
then you need to increase the outside air available through your HVAC system
This home has a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) in which the same volume of air is brought in as is exhausted, i.e. it is a balanced system.
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Default Re: Combustion Air

I have a wood-burning EPA fireplace, but that is sealed and has a duct from the outside to supply combustion air.

As you already have a vent to the outside in your fireplace, you could simply open the fireplace door and your WFO will draw air from it too. Only trouble would be that you'd need to leave the door open if the WFO were being used or if both were being used simultaneously.
Maybe you can rig the vent in your hood so that you can open it manually to allow air in.

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Default Re: Combustion Air

I think there is a pretty good chance that we will want to use the two simultaneously.

I would also be worried about the cross draft from the EPA fireplace all the way over to the wood oven - it pretty much cuts through main living area and could be a cold stream during certain months.

The hood vent is more in the kitchen near the wood oven, but it is only something that needs to be used for a few minutes at a time - when there is smoke or a large amount of things going on the range, while the wood oven might need to burn for hours.

Both of those things are what got me thinking about having a source nearer the point of combustion.
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