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yorkshireknight 04-22-2013 10:34 AM

Buying & Cutting 2nd hand bricks +bonus question
To keep costs down, I may wish to buy 2nd hand refractory bricks, but the ones I come across all the edges are chipped.
Those who have experienced cutting the bricks for the dome, could you tell me if when I come to cut my bricks in half, will the cut face be ok to use on the inside of the dome.
What about the cooking floor (spelled correctly);) Should I bite the bullet and buy new for this to ensure even floor or can something be done with second hand ones.
The cost for second hand is 65% cheaper compared to new, so a big saving.

one more question nothing to do with bricks:

there doesn't seem to be a mention of a 34" oven, we have 32/36/39/41. Is there a reason for this is it something to do with mathematical workings out for size of bricks?
Many Thanks guys in anticipation for your inputs:)

GianniFocaccia 04-22-2013 11:01 AM

Re: Buying & Cutting 2nd hand bricks +bonus question

Either side of the cut brick can face the inside of the dome, although the cut side will obviously be cleaner. If you can swing it, purchase new bricks for your floor.

You can build any size oven you want. There are no 'oven-size calculations' other than cut your bricks to make them fit.

Regarding your corner-build, you may want to carefully consider your entryway depth and flue dimensions prior to selecting your oven size. It's a lot easier to make changes on paper rather than problem-solve as you go.


yorkshireknight 04-22-2013 11:51 AM

Re: Buying & Cutting 2nd hand bricks +bonus question
Hi John,

Thanks for the reassurance.

I have my hearth curing at the moment so things are beginning to progress.
I began to cut out a peice of board today with a 34" diameter to try on the corner build, but never finished it as the thought sprung to mind about should I go 32/34 and is it possible.
Neill from the land down under had done a diagram for me to show the sort of room I would have and my initial thoughts were always to go for a 32 however there is room for a 34" which will be more than adequate for our needs and will fill up a little more space on the hearth.

You are spot on about my planning the chimney vent area and in fact that is exactly what I'm researching now. Im a little confused over it to be honest but if I look at enough plans/ photos the penny might start to drop.

Prior to you answering my call, I had also come to the same conclusion as your advice on buying new bricks for the floor, their number wouldnt be that great and therefor the extra cost would be more benificial in getting a good sound floor.
Im pleased to know that the cut face will be ok.
I am thinking of purchasing a chop saw for the bricks otherwise it would have to be the angle grinder. I think Im right in saying i can replace the wood blade that it comes with for a diamond tip blade for masonary.

Tried to order the insulation yesterday from the UK but for some reason my order was rejected I have sent an email to enquire as to why and I am still awaiting a until I get my insulation I will have chance to look for my bricks and extend my researches into these hidden mysteries of oven building.

Once again thanks for the info John, Im off to rest my back now, the wife and I spent 6 hours this afternoon humping a delivery of 12 cu metres of wood into the wood store. Ouch!:(


Greenman 04-22-2013 03:19 PM

Re: Buying & Cutting 2nd hand bricks +bonus question

You might consider a wet saw. You will get a lot more cutting from the blade if it is wet and the good blades are not cheap.

Good luck with the build.

Cheers .... Steve :)

yorkshireknight 04-24-2013 01:09 AM

Re: Buying & Cutting 2nd hand bricks +bonus question
Thanks Steve, I will let the missus know it will save us money in the long run on blades!!
Good excuse. cheers!!

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