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potionlady 11-27-2009 10:04 AM

To build or not to build
My husband and I downloaded the free e-plans for the oven and now are not so sure about it. For those that took the plunge and did yourself rather than purchase already to go, was it worth it? We have the knowhow, my husband is a plumbing contractor and good with projects, but this looks like a rather large undertaking. I really want the oven!!!!!:D

Thanks in advance for your comments.

nissanneill 11-28-2009 02:33 AM

Re: To build or not to build
Hi Potionlady,
and welcome aboard.
Look, it is much more satisfying, let alone financially beneficial to build your own and it can be done in less than a month of weekends or as long as you want.One guy over here, (although he died prematurely) took over 3 years to build his, whereas I built mine in a few weekends, ready for curing and use.
A kit is a good alternative, BUT you still need a base to sit it upon, assembly, and curing before you can bake in it and it will cost you considerably more.
My suggestion is, go for broke and check out numerous builds, read and read more, decide exactly on what you need and want, source your materials and get into it.
I guarantee that you won't regret it, they are fantastic and many of your friends will envy you if not try and outdo your build once tried.


jmhepworth 11-28-2009 06:45 AM

Re: To build or not to build
If you want it, build it. You won't regret it. It does take time, and you will learn new skills along the way. But if I can do it, anyone can.

blackjimmy 11-28-2009 08:57 AM

Re: To build or not to build
I don't think you'll find many people on here who'll tell you it's not worth building an oven! I'm not sure I've read a single word of regret about the decision to build on even a single thread. Once you start cooking you'll probably wonder why you didn't build one 5 years ago. I've only just finished building mine but I'm already having so much fun cooking with it, learning the best way to manage the fire, gaining experience with temperature control...

I wouldn't say that a simple oven is such a huge undertaking (although there are some impressive and complex ovens that guys on here have built!!) Of course it takes time and a certain amount of money, but you can pretty much do it bit by bit so it doesn't ever feel like a chore.. also you'll learn new skills. The plans can possibly look a bit daunting at first, but look around at some of the other builds, some are simplified versions.

Having said that I'm sure if you got a kit the pizza would taste just as good!

cannyfradock 11-28-2009 09:38 AM

Re: To build or not to build
Hello Potionlady

By the few comments you've already recieved, comes the answer...Go for it!!!!

This forum is the perfect reference guide to anybody wishing to take on the challenge of building their own wood-oven. Use the previous threads to familiarise yourself with the prosess of building your own wood-oven before commencing and then ask the forum for advice on anything. ( I wish that I found this forum before I attempted mine).

Even though I'm fairly new to this forum, I've realised that the genuine majority here are very generous in helping out people with enquirees/problems.

My own little imput would be to take your project step by step and look at the finished result of what you wish to achieve before starting yours as this will affect your initial "setting out"

Best of luck on your project.........Go for it!!!!!

Terry (C.F)

Neil2 11-30-2009 08:57 PM

Re: To build or not to build
I spent about 80 hours, foundation to finish, on my 40 incher.

potionlady 12-01-2009 03:16 AM

Re: To build or not to build
Thanks for all of your input. We have decided that this would be a good project for us to do together. I will be in touch. I checked out the pictures and that really inspired us to go for it. Thanks!

nissanneill 12-01-2009 02:24 PM

Re: To build or not to build
now the work begins.
researching, reading and deciding is the hardest part of the project. There are so many alternatives, styles, materials etc that you need to make a decision. Doing it as a couple only complicates the issue a little unless you have similar ideas. My other half was not involved in the planning, location nor build and I really think she couldn't have cared less but now, she loves it and encourages it's use more and more.
Good reading ask your questions, find an oven that impresses you or suits your style, budget, source your materials and as they say, Just do it!


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