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Default Re: 5/8" metal deck?

It would be cool to be there for the first real fire though, huh. Melt down then implosion!

Just to save you some time and money, download the e-plans for a pompeii oven from the FB store - great price! Free! While there's a lot of latitude in how you build a brick wood fired oven, there are a few principles that you don't really vear away from. Insulation able to withstand 1000 degree temps under and over the dome is critical to oven function. You can choose to ignore that, but eventually, you will be kicking yourself in the butt for not doing it right.
Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.

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Default Re: 5/8" metal deck?

thanks, I started this project w/ the e-book. I 'm pretty sick of mixing concrete. lol.That was why i took the turn and picked up the steel plate. I'm looking locally for the insolation board and blanket, but I'll probably end up getting it here. With price a factor, I might end up going w/ vermiculite insolation mixture under the bricks.
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Default Re: 5/8" metal deck?

5/8ths - talk about overkill
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Default Re: 5/8" metal deck?

alright, i'm ready to finish this project. I've been waiting to get the actual oven poured, and over to my house which should be done this weekend. where would anyone suggest to look for the insolation locally. Outside of the pizza world what is that insolation( insblok 19, and the blanket) used for? maybe hvac installers? I will buy from here if i can't find anyone locally, i feel i owe by town that. The dome i poured looks like the casa90 and i wanted to start the curing process as soon as possible. While i'm waiting to get the insolation do u think i can start little fires in it to get the ball rolling or should nit be finished and covered w/ blanket then vermic- portland outside first. I wasn't sure if heating it up to like 300 or so just to begin the process would crack it or not if it's not insulated. I guess i'm just really anxious to get going.
thanks, aaron
ps as far as the 5/8 thick deck, i went to a scrap yard next to where i work and it happened to be sitting there the perfect size. 4'x4'. the week i built the base it was sooooo cold, and i could not stand to mix another bag of cement. so i took the short cut.

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Default Re: 5/8" metal deck?

I like your thick steel deck. Should work fine.

For Insblock19, it's used for building ceramic kilns. Refractory suppliers pretty much the only option for specialist refractory materials like board and blanket. Columbus is in the middle of the industrial heartland, somewhere in northern Ohio, you are going to find what you need.

Perlite and Vermiculite are used for a lot of purposes. Look for pool supplies, and installers, as well as landscape suppliers. You need the big bags, and not silicone treated.

Good luck.
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Default Re: 5/8" metal deck?

I found this site that is not too far away from me but i'm not sure this is the right stuff. let me know what u think.
Ceramic Fiber Insulating Board Industrial Insulation: Refractory Specialties Inc.
Insulation Blanket, Refractory High Temperature Linings: Refractory Specialties Inc.
Again if I can't get it for much less and locally I'll get the stuff here, but i try to support my fellow Buckeyes first.
Go Bucks, n all u lovers of the brick.
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