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Default Re: Supplies in Edmonton

We use our oven year round, it is outside. The key is to start the fire slow and small to let the oven warm up to avoid sudden heat changes and cracking. Christmas turkeys have been cooked in -30 C temps.
We live about an hour away from the Brock White that I purchased the fire brick, refectory cement, and finishing stone from. Made several trips to get the materials. Plan ahead, start purchasing and stockpile materials. As the build goes, you may need to make a special trip. An alternative to shipping is renting a truck or trailer if you do not have one. Our build was based on the pompeii oven plans.
I've heard of people building them on the back of a heavy duty trailer and moving them from event to event but am still waiting to see one in person.
Pizzas are great but the breads and meats are amazing. Also, a forno is a great experiment in social interaction and community/relationship building. Every time we host an event, I am amazed at how quickly people get to know each other and become friends.....
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Default Re: Supplies in Edmonton

Hi....thanks for the note...I chatted on line with Gary C. today from this forum....he was very helpful and certainly gave me lots to think about.....I did try calling Brock White and IXL Brick in Regina this morning ( about an hour away from me)....but the FB price per brick was $8....so close to $1000 for just the brick alone....!! Gary suggested I post an ad looking for used brick....so I did that on kijiji today as well....I had originally had a quote to ship a Pompeii oven kit up here, but the freight was close to the cost of the entire kit.....estimate was about 2 grand.....Gary said he thought he got his FB for about $3 per brick....which is a substantially lower cost.....I believe in Edmonton....it might be worth the drive!! In the mean time I am still looking....we built a makeshift pizza oven from red brick with no mortar and it works great for a few pizzas, actually they taste awesome...but it doesn't hold heat well and I have not tried anything else in it...and basically want to go to the next level.....I do make my own bread and its pretty darn good, but I am sure in a WFO it would be even better!!
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I started an oven last summer, however the job was delayed because I could not find Ciment Fondu for the hearth slab. I checked with all the refractory supply companies in Edmonton and Calgary with no luck, they only carry refractory cement (castable) which is about $60 -80 per 20 kg bag. I even contacted Lafarge head office in Calgary and they didn't know what i was talking about. Finally, while searching the web, I see that Brock White lists Ciment Fondu as a stocked item in some of their locations (not Edmonton). I had been dealing with Brock White for my block and fire brick and they had told me they didn't carry it and to check with the refractory suppliers. So, I went back to Brock White, showed the guy on the order desk that indeed they did carry Ciment Fondu. He said he would check into it for me. Two weeks pass before I hear back that they can get if for me in a day or two. It seems Lafarge had two pallets sitting in their Edmonton warehouse! The only problem is you have to buy it by the pallet so I have a fair bit extra if anyone is interested in a few bags. Found a source for crushed granite too and at a reasonable price - Granite Works in Edmonton. They grind up all their scrap, $20 a yard. I also found a Canadian supplier of analog pyrometers and thermocouples if anyone is interested.
I'm about to start building the dome in the next few days. I have taken pictures all along, if anyone is interested, I can post them.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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