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FornoBravoNews 04-30-2011 12:07 PM

Mozzarella in the Gastro Webisode, Pizza and Mythology, BBQ Pizza
New on Pizza Quest!

Mozzarella in The Gastro, Webisode #4
From Peter: "This week we conclude our visit to Pizzeria Delfina with a fresh mozzarella lesson from head pizzaiolo Anthony Strong. If you look closely, you'll see Chef Craig Stoll in the background talking with our producers, Brad English and Jeff Michael (Jeff's the tall one with hair, Brad you'll recognize from his photo on our home page). We had so much fun with Craig and Anthony during our visit with them, culminating in this wonderful, warm bath of milky water pulling and creating silky fresh mozzarella balls out of raw cheese curds."

Ice Cream in the Gastro, Webisode #3
"In this segment, Pizzeria Delfina's head pizzaiolo, Anthony Strong, takes me on a short walking tour of the one block section of San Francisco's Mission District known as The Gastro. We explore the Bi-Rite Market where we eat gourmet chocolate and devour the lightest, flakiest pork rinds (chicharones) I've ever had And then we go across the street to visit with owner Ann Walker at the Bi-Rite Creamery for some truly amazing ice cream, including their famous salted caramel."

Peter's Blog
Peter's Blog, April 26--Top 50 Pizza Blogs

Guest Columns
Pizza and Mythology, by John Arena
"Lately Ive been thinking about pizza and mythology. Certainly the history of Italy is punctuated by myths and legends, from the time of the Etruscans right up to the exploits of the current Prime Minister. So why wouldn't the subject of pizza be any different?"

BBQ Pizza--Not, by Tom Carrig
"Lately Ive been thinking about barbecue pizza. My favorite local purveyor of pies recently had a daily special he called, BBQ Pizza. I could not order it. I have little doubt that it was a delicious nosh, but the name just rubbed me the wrong way, and I shared my thoughts, which follow here, with the pizziaolo."

Five Cheese Pizza
A Wood-Fired Gas Grill

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