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BOOMERS WFO 04-11-2012 09:07 PM

Sand for refractory mortar
Hi, I midway through my build of a 43" WFO using Forno Bravo instructions, and am now commencing the first course of my dome. I have sourced some materials from Little Hampton Brick, but have a question regarding the refractory mortar.

The instructions list a "mesh sand" and Littlehampton state a "foundry sand". I get conflicting advice from suppliers as to what these are. Can someone clarify the type of sand needed to mortar the dome. Will "brickies sand" be OK or does the type of sand not matter too much?

I don't want to do the hard yards with the dome with incorrect material.



cobblerdave 04-13-2012 06:24 AM

Re: Sand for refractory mortar
Firstly I'd better say that I used "poor mans mortar" but aggregate is aggregate.
That "Mesh sand" bit sounds like its been graded and washed?
I didn't use ordinary sand as the lot I had had been lying in a pile in the yard and was polluted by leaves and dirt. I used washed /graded sand sold by the 20 kg bag...2 maybe 3 in total. I only mixed the mortar in small batches using a 20 lte drum, paint stirrer on a drill so there's no waste.

Regards Dave

BOOMERS WFO 04-18-2012 07:22 PM

Re: Sand for refractory mortar
Thanks Dave,
I appreciate the advice. The use of bucket and paint mixer has been a top idea. I have now completed the first course and commenced the second course and opening. Have taken advantage of the great Autumn Adelaide weather by taking time off work. Keen to get more done. I will post some photos soon. Thanks to all who are on the forum, it helps clarify so many points.



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