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Aussie Pete 01-25-2012 02:05 AM

help with some materials needed
Hey all, oh yeh, disregard my username, i have no idea who that is, my registration stuffed up when i signed up, i'm trying to get them to help me sort it out (if they answer the emails). My username should be "Aussie Pete".
Now,....where were we...oh yes, could anyone help me with some suppliers or tradies that could help with a few materials i'm trying to source for my oven, i live on the gold coast and am after some calcium silicate board (or the equivalant) for the making of an insulated oven door.
Also with my build (which is a sand castable dome with firebrick floor and will be about 36-38" with a 19" opening, i'm just wondering about the hearth just outside the pizza oven opening. I am going to use sandstone tile work around the base and just in front of the oven opening ( which will all be flat, as in no step up or down into the oven floor, do i need to put in some sort of insulation padding or just leave a small gap?, (to help with the stresses of the oven floor moving from heat to stop the sandstone from cracking, (will the sandstone be ok with this kind of decorative front.
Sorry i have no pics as yet, i will try and get some on here so you guys can have a better look.
These sandstone tiles are about 30mm thick and are a really beautifull rainbow type of colors in the stone, will look really nice once i have sealed them to help bring out there colors. They are tiles i have acquired on the cheap and thought they would look really nice surrounding the oven.
Pics to come soon peoples...
I hope i have explained myself well enough, ask away if you need more info, hopefully some pics will also help you with it.
Its been raining like crazy here for the last 4 days, cant wait to get out and do more.
I've been busy searching on this forum for ideas and help, and have to say, the pizza ovens on here are awesome, i've checked out karangi's and Brickie in Oz build and think they are both fabulous, oh yeh Brickie....that gargoyle you have on top....."love it".

Aussie Pete

Mistertoy 01-25-2012 04:02 PM

Re: help with some materials needed
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Hi Pete

I got my 50mm calsil board from Morgan Thermalceramics at Acacia Ridge, Brisbane.

Ended up speaking to Sales Engineer, Krunal Shah M: 0402 372 415 because had questions - he was helpful

I bought C-lite 1000 see attached data sheet - also bought thermal blanket for outside but have not installed yet.

Hope that helps

Aussie Pete 01-26-2012 12:18 AM

Re: help with some materials needed
excellent stuff brett, did you buy any off cut bits, or did u have to buy the full size sheet they have, do u have any spare, would u sell some?. I will ring Krunal next week, sounds like the right stuff to get, thanks very much

Aussie pete

Aussie Pete 01-26-2012 06:20 PM

Re: help with some materials needed
hey all, just a re-cap of the calcium c-lite 1000 board, i can acquire it in a sheet size of 1000mm x 500mm x 50mm thick. Obviously this is double what i need for my door, would anyone like to go halves in a sheet with me, i know its petty, but the other half has no use to me.
The cost for the sheet is about $ $25 each.
If no one wants half, i suppose i'll find a use for it somewhere...any ideas?

Mistertoy 01-27-2012 12:44 AM

Re: help with some materials needed

Have used all mine but did need a bit extra and bought some 25mm and just put two pieces together to get 50mm-not sure if they still have 25mm but was only $15 from memory


Aussie Pete 01-27-2012 01:52 AM

Re: help with some materials needed
thanks Brett, never thought of that..d'oh....good one mate.

Aussie Pete 01-27-2012 04:41 AM

Re: help with some materials needed
i can get the c-lite in 25mm thickness for $25, thats ok. Same size sheet.
I'll just do what you said and sandwich 2 together to make 50mm (geez brett, thanks mate, you just saved me $25....good onya)

Quick question...i was going to make an outer steel shell for the board (as you do), should i just weld the board into a steel casing and wack on some handles..I've seen some pics of other doors, seems thats all they do with it...
Do i need to fully enclose the board in steel, to protect from the fire, doesnt really matter..."how fire proof is the stuff".

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