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Mark CH 04-09-2014 04:26 PM

Cracks in render
Morning all,
I originally built my oven a number of years ago and all was going swimmingly for most of that time but I recently noticed a number of hairline cracks in the render of the dome as well as the render of the arch. I beleive the arch cracks are due to a metal plate that my FIL had made for me and the expansion/contraction issue noted on a recent post here and I'll have to address these separately. The ones in the dome worried me much more.
My initial thoughts were that the render layer was too thin and so I lathered on another layer of render but one of the cracks has 're-emerged'. I'm using standard acrylic render with an oxide colour added. The oven is open to the weather and with the last few days of rain in Melbourne I am concerned about moisture getting into the insulation.
The most obvious option is to roof the oven but given the location at the end of a deck, this is a little problematic. Any other thoughts or suggestions?

Les 04-09-2014 05:36 PM

Re: Cracks in render
It's odd that the acrylic would crack, it's pretty pliable. I would put another coat on and see if they reappear.

Mark CH 04-09-2014 06:48 PM

Re: Cracks in render
Thanks Les,
Yes, I was a little surprised as well. The 'new' crack is very fine so I'm hopeful that the redner is still a little thin over this area (I don't recall a crack there in the old render) and I'll put another coat on once it stops raining here!

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