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Default Re: CC Earthquake

The wife said tonights TV news report said there was Earhtquake activity from New Guinea down the fault line to New Zealand over the last 2 Days.
Yes CC has more shocks how big I don't know. sorry for secound hand info

Regards Cobblerdave
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Default Re: CC Earthquake

This site is by far the best quake reporting site I've seen for what's happening around here. the graphs, maps etc are fantastic. Total shakes approaching 5500 since Sepetemebr 2010 isn't fantastic ! In 30+yrs prior I'd only ever felt 5 or 6......
Canterbury Quake Live

Magnitude itself isn't very effective at quantifing what you feel. Location & depth more important.
A 5.0 magnitude 10km deep and 10km away feels far less than a 4.0 5km depth at same location even though 5.0 magnitude release 30 times the energy of a 4.0
e.g. the magnitude 9 quake 125km from Japan shook the ground on mainland Japan far less than the 6.3 magnitude 5.8km right under Christchurch city

The modified mercalli intensity scale (MMI) is a better number for saying what is felt at any location
GeoNet – New Zealand Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale

Note, if I exclude the tragic deaths of many, long term I truly believe the recent quakes have been a good thing. We will get a better stronger city, both buildings and people. It will just take 5-10yrs to get there. In meantime we just need to get used to living in lower standard of living. Still far far from 3rd world conditions though.
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