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Camori 09-08-2012 08:10 PM

Camo's new 36" build Brisbane
Well guys, after going through this website over a couple of months I've decided to have a go at building my own 36' (900mm) pizza oven. Will probably need lots of advice from everyone on this forum as I go hopefully thanking you all in advance. It will be a slow build but will start tomorrow modifying my existing outdoor area

cobblerdave 09-09-2012 01:05 AM

Re: Camo's new 36" build Brisbane
Gudday Camo
Welcome on board.....Its good to see another oven in Brisbane. Whats your plans for your oven to date?

Regards Dave

Mistertoy 09-09-2012 04:01 AM

Re: Camo's new 36" build Brisbane
Hi Camo

I am near Brisbane ... I am getting closer to finishing my oven it is 900mm diameter as well.

I think I am up to 16 months. Am working on my enclosure and flue. Really should be firing it up soon but want to finish the roof etc before summer storm season.

Good luck :)


Camori 09-09-2012 04:12 AM

Re: Camo's new 36" build Brisbane
Cheers Brett - mate hoping to finish before 16 months but I know the best laid plans can go haywire - How have you found yoor build ??? Many problems ???

Camori 09-09-2012 04:36 AM

Re: Camo's new 36" build Brisbane
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Dave, Built an outdoor area a couple of years ago just off the pergola. I made it out of hebel bricks which I found easy to use, tiled it and didn't turn out too bad but always was missing something so now I am going to enlarge one off the areas and build a WFO on top. Will continue with the hebel bricks as I believe they will provide great insulation underneath.

Camori 09-09-2012 04:40 AM

Re: Camo's new 36" build Brisbane
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Guys, actually started taking off some tiles this afternoon - Wife thinks I'm crazy But here goes NO turning back now. You can see the size it will be sketched on the ground

Mistertoy 09-10-2012 06:01 AM

Re: Camo's new 36" build Brisbane

No real problems with the build just time and seems to just get a bigger job as I made a few decisions like instead of stuccoing the dome to do a roof and enclosure:)

I think it is best to decide on a few design things early on as they affect some sizing. I have not got time tonight but I will post a few things I learnt along the way, which may help


Camori 09-13-2012 12:09 AM

Re: Camo's new 36" build Brisbane
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Hey Brett, I had a look at your thread and your build looks great but your last post was May last year when you had fininshed half the dome :)
Where are you upto now How about another update :)

Well I have had a couple of days off and threw myself at the stand. I have deliberated long and hard whether to continue with the hebel brick and in the end decided to stick with it as the position will be good and didn't want to destroy all the hard work I had done previously
I reinforced under the stand to make sure it wll take the weight and then lengthened it.
Length now is 1500 x 1500 (5' x 5') which should be ample for a 36" WFO
I am not worried that this stand will not take the weight however I am planning on putting a 50mm ceramic fibre board and then using 60 or 65 mm thick heat bricks.
My issue is how hot would it get underneath the CF board as I am afraid that too much heat may make the hebel brick brittle over time ?? Any thoughts anyone ????
I could possibly go 75mm on the CF board or even 75mm on the heat bricks

harro 09-13-2012 05:16 AM

Re: Camo's new 36" build Brisbane
another brisbanite here, good start camo. did you use the hebel bricks as the bench?

i just bought a couple of 25mm ceramic boards to go under the firebricks (prob 60 or 75mm thk) on the base of my bbq/oven, i was hoping that would be enough.

Mistertoy 09-13-2012 06:26 AM

Re: Camo's new 36" build Brisbane
Take a look at this thread, it has all my photos.

I suggest that you decide a few build options early on:
-size of flue
-type of dome insulation and thickness
-how you are going to do the inner arch
-when you get to the last 3 rows of the dome, I suggest you build an internal support from underneath and raise up slightly with each row

Hope the build goes well

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