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Karangi Dude 07-03-2011 06:06 PM

Aussie Chit Chat
Sorry removed

chidding 07-03-2011 06:44 PM

Re: Aussie Chit Chat
Was around 1 degrees in Perth this morning, I hate winter...

Being that cold, and wet!, means i havent had any chance to work on the pizza oven, defiantely chose a bad time of year for the project, especially considering its not covered yet either. (temporary tarp).

About 5 rings from complete.. but still yet to do the flue arch and front decorative archway.. Then have to decide how im going to make my 8inch flue become insulated in the part it goes through my polycarbonate roof?

Other than that.. its my birthday today! I'm abit sad i never got the pizza oven done.. but guess it's ready for next year.

brickie in oz 07-03-2011 07:15 PM

Re: Aussie Chit Chat
I was supposed to build a free standing garage wall today but decided not to as they have predicted gale force winds this arvo.

No point building it twice, once is bad enough. :eek: :rolleyes:

chidding 07-03-2011 09:14 PM

Re: Aussie Chit Chat
Yea sorry should have my name in the signature!.. Chris :)

I really live for the hot/warm weather, just wish i could convince the family/relatives to come with.

bris-pizza-oven 07-03-2011 09:56 PM

Re: Aussie Chit Chat
hi guys ive been off for a while ...been playin g in my shed ttrying to restore a eh so far the more rust i fix the more i find im up too 4 floor pans the next job on the list is two sill times

bris-pizza-oven 07-03-2011 11:07 PM

Re: Aussie Chit Chat
2 Attachment(s)
well heres a couple i got a shell that went through the recent floods in qld off evilbay for $234 so as you could expect it needed work

the first pic is how it started with a 100 odd kilo off mud through it..

after 4 months i finaly got it into the shed i was housing a flooded family and some gear for them in my shed when i finaly got it inside and on stands i had a good look over it and worked out what i needed. The shell looked pretty honest with only 1 quarter panel being fixed before and the rest in standard paint. So far i have replaced 3 floors and have started on the forth when i noticed that the back seat support had started to rust from the inside out

well i mustnt have gotten all the mud out off there .. i more concentrated on the chassis side off things after cutting a hole in i can see its caked with mud and i will have to remake the panel

i was lucky enough to be able to find a guy who's dad used to press panels for holden back in the day and he kept the presses when holden closed down in brisbane and he was just up the road from me. The plan for now is to get the rust under control and collect parts for a year before hooking in an getting the car finished.

the plan for the car isnt fully decided yet but i am looking at going with a ls1 v8 with a 6 speed manual and big brakes all round plus having some nice bits like air and steer. the reason why i havnt gotten much further than the floor is that i need a few more tools to be able to make the panels needed ie; a panbrake to go with my english wheel i have a couple off 202's here that would be nice in there if the ls1 doesnt end up going ahead

cheers paul i'll keep posting some pics for you all to have a look

bris-pizza-oven 07-03-2011 11:10 PM

Re: Aussie Chit Chat
2 Attachment(s)
heres a few more

does anyone else on here have a project or two that isnt wfo related i'd like to see some pictures and maybe a story or two as well

cheers paul

Johnny the oven man 07-04-2011 04:23 PM

Re: Aussie Chit Chat

Originally Posted by bris-pizza-oven (Post 116336)
heres a few more

does anyone else on here have a project or two that isnt wfo related i'd like to see some pictures and maybe a story or two as well

cheers paul

I'm a bit of a rev head myself Paul. i have built up an old '67 XR Falcon for street/strip duties. 351 Clevo, C10 auto, and 9" diff. Runs 11's at HPR. Still a nice car on the roads, stall is high @4500RPM, but fun on the street. What the young blokes cant understand is when they pull up and rubberneck at the car, and then see a mid 60's driver,lol.

bris-pizza-oven 07-04-2011 10:07 PM

Re: Aussie Chit Chat
i kinda know how that only 35 with a couple off young kids. i lent my missus younger sister my old car to go for a drive one day not long after she got her licence her and her female freind pulled up at a servo to get a drink when she walked out there was a crowd around it and the look on there face was priceless when she opened the drivers door and hopped into a 1940 ford pickup powered by a fairly stout 350 and started up and drove away like she stole it

thats the only car i wish i still had but something had to go when i brought a house.

nissanneill 07-05-2011 12:19 AM

Re: Aussie Chit Chat
Ain't that a bummer when you have to sell tour prized asset to buy a house!
I did that very same thing 38 years ago to buy out current house block when I had to sell my ski boat. Then built and developed the house and bought another boat which got us back in our chosen activity.
Bought a new one after the kids arrived and built a new one with a small block 400 Chev with Borg Warner velvet drive which we still have. Used it in a ski display team for years towing up to 12 skiers and still have a permit to tow 9 with conditions.
In 2000, I fell in love with a clubman kit car in the UK, a stainless steel monocoque bodied 2 seater which I got put into a container together with a Dax Rush kit clubman and had it delivered later that year. Shares that were given to us from the AMP Society paid for it all which I sold at their high point, a real bonus when you see their value now.
I used the Robin Hood for my daughter's wedding but it let me down as we were about to take the pics, 2 of the 4 plug wires fell out of the coils which were only accessible with the alternator off.
It has been sitting in the shed collecting dust for the past 3 years but hoped to get registered this summer if I get my finger out.
I have 2 turbo motors for the Dax )a Mazda 13B turbo with 5 speed and an east west Nissan SR20 intercooled turbo with a N/S 5 speed) but the gearbox doesn't mate up so it is back to the drawing board.


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