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Old 02-11-2011, 05:26 AM
Il Pizzaiolo
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Default Re: North Central Texas (DFW) -Where to buy pizza and bread ingredients?

Another good choice is to find a good WFO pizzaria and explain your situation to the owner. He will almost certainly be willing to sell you flour. OTOH, there are a number of us that simply don't find 00 all that miraculous and are quite happy with KA. This weekend I am going to make my first pies from my (for me) new organic flour from War Eagle Mills in Arkansas. Has exceptional aroma and flavor - clearly a lot fresher (but not green) than grocery store bagged flour. (As an aside, I bought 70 pounds of organic AP, BF, and stone ground WW and white WW for about just over $100 with free shipping when they had a 20% off sale last month.)

Good Luck!
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Old 10-19-2011, 05:41 AM
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Default Re: North Central Texas (DFW) -Where to buy pizza and bread ingredients?


I have been following the flour thread with great interest.
Before my wreck 10 years ago I bought 50 Lb bags of high glutin Pizza flour from Roma Italian restaurant supply in N. Ft. Worth for $8.50 per 50 Lb bag.
I would use 50 Lbs of flour in 6 months in Pizza only and I live alone. That's 100 Lbs per year, 8.3 Lbs a month! It's a lotta Pizza.
Now I am disabled and am real poor and make Pizza from Pillsbury all purpose flour. Hmmm
At Romas High glutin has gone up to $12.50 now and the gas prices have made the trip expensive. {They don't sell to the public but stores only so make up a fake name and tax number, they just ask you to write it down. [ie. Joes grocery, 2222-245-3776] {Look at the tax number on the wall at any little store and get the order of the numbers, 4,3,3, like that and change the numbers, they don't care but just want to be legal}

I have been on a serious flour quest for the last ten years. Not using that much flour because I am down 36 Lbs and can't afford that much cheese or propane to cook Pizza with either. I still like my Pizza and have been making Pizza from scratch for 35 years. {Made one last night, I took garlic powder, brown sugar, oregano and a little salt and after hydrating it in the flour bowl, adding oil and flour} I asked the {actually the same name} 'Roma' Pizza place in Lancaster if they would sell 50 Lbs of flour and they said yes! That was several years ago and I just can't seem to come up with $12.50 + a nice tip for them as they would be saving me an all day trip to N. Ft Worth every year. Can't afford any beer either.

But thank you Ken Forbes for mentioning Jimmy's food store over by Gaston and Baylor Hospital because I go there all the time! 2.4 Lb bags of
{I assume 00 = high glutin} flour in Dallas over by the Hospital is good news.
But still I hope to get a 50 Lb bag from Roma up in Lancaster too. It always stored well in the big bags but I think I'll buy some big tupper ware storage containers for the flour. Thank you Ken Forbes and everybody here for all the great information. My Pizza flour quest may be drawing to a close. Now I gotta go get me a beer...

7:31 am... I think I'll get two!

Jack the Knife
Sandy may and Duke dog

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