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C5dad 04-15-2011 07:59 PM

Semolina - Cheap in Phoenix
Hey fellow Valley of the Sun Pizza Addicts

I just stopped by Sprouts and they had Semolina for 89 cents/pound on sale in the bulk bin! I will probably go back tomorrow as I use it for home made pasta and other goodies - like CRUSTS! My Sprouts is at Val Vista between Pecos and Williams Field in Gilbert on the end cap. What a score after buying a bag of Bob'$ Red Mill.

navyintel 05-06-2012 08:03 AM

Re: Semolina - Cheap in Phoenix
I am new to posting and replying and so far I have seen nothing of postings, but try I must. You have really hit on a great Idea that I will have to try. The most popular bread flour in the high quality local stuff is King Arthur and it is rated at 12percent protein. The Semolina a Sprouts is rated at 14percent. If true this would be the best for pizza and other artisan breads. I am in Mesa so I have access to the store in question.:

C5dad 05-07-2012 04:30 PM

Re: Semolina - Cheap in Phoenix
Semolina is wayy too grainy for dough striat up. Costco and Sams (not to mention others) have a 12 to 12% protein flour that works well. According to Chef Brad (look him up) you can subsitute any flour in a recipe up to 25%. Take it at face value. I would not make dough out of pure semolina however. Pasta, yes, dough - no.


navyintel 05-08-2012 05:36 AM

Re: Semolina - Cheap in Phoenix
This is the really strange part. Chef Brad and our family go back like 15 years. I just used the Bosch mixer we got from him about 12 years ago. We miss his store front his grains and his great cooking classes. You are correct about the 25 percent, but I thought that was if you were using whole wheat flour? I think the reason that you cant use a higher percentage is because the microscopic edges of the milled whole grain flour cuts the gluten and will not let it rise. You can solve this by letting the dough hydrate (rest) for 10-15 min after about 2 min of mixing or better yet, taking a larger amount of water and making a sticky dough and letting it rest.

I tried to post pixs of my build but nothing yet: try this link

C5dad 05-09-2012 07:46 PM

Re: Semolina - Cheap in Phoenix
Brad is still running classes - I get his email every week or so. he also has a show on BYU TV - Fusion Grains.

I really enjoyed his classes. We bought our Bosch as well via Brad, though the bowl broke due a sudden deceleration due to a lack of friction in the grip of my older son - was not a pretty break. We still use the blender though.

I cannot remember who posted about semolina a while back (tscarbourough or Texassourdough if my foggy memory is correct) regarding the addition. I do know you do not want to add too much due to a lack of ability to rise, but some is OK for crispyness of the crust (Note: since getting braces a month ago, I am sooooo craving a crispy/crunchy chewy crust.) I would look up the recipe and play with it from there. I want to say it was in the area of 5%

p.s. your link is working and the oven is looking good!

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