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azpizzanut 06-03-2011 10:22 AM

La Piazza Al Forno for great Napolitana pizza
Hello All,

You are in for a treat when you stop at La Piazza Al Forno located in downtown Glendale, Arizona. It is easy to find around lunch time, just follow the steady line of customers to the door. (5803 W. Glendale Avenue, 85301).

La Piazza Al Forno | Brick Oven Pizzeria Napoletana & Italian Kitchen | Glendale, Arizona

La Piazza Al Forno has Verace Napolitana Certification

My Napolitana style pizza was covered with crushed San Marzano tomatos, home made mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, shaved parmesan, extra virgin olive oil and fresh arugula. Totally delicious.

A special treat was getting a look at the Stefano Ferara wood fired oven. It was burning pecan and white oak. The owner said this oven was so much better than "the other" and was saving him about $500 per month in wood. Not a smudge of smoke was obvious on the entrance to the oven. The chimney draw was amazing, and without the aid of an exhaust fan.

I can hardly wait to go back and try their other pizzas. Visit the website and look at their menu.


GianniFocaccia 06-03-2011 01:33 PM

Re: La Piazza Al Forno for great Napolitana pizza
Thanks for the heads-up, Bob! Great review of the restaurant and the fantastic-looking pies. I'm really impressed at how Stefano Ferrara got his genuine brick oven to look like a cast commercial oven! :) I won't forget to stop in next time I'm out that way.


azpizzanut 06-03-2011 08:07 PM

Re: La Piazza Al Forno for great Napolitana pizza
Hi John;

If you go to La Piazza please contact me. I don't live far from there.

I looked at the gallery photos of the SF ovens and they all have a similar exterior shape and appearance. If you look closely you will see subtle differences though. They are surely handsome ovens but the big difference is inside. Uno Forno, handmade brick ovens by Stefano Ferrara. Search Google a little and you will pick up bits of information on the refractory materials used.


GianniFocaccia 06-03-2011 11:32 PM

Re: La Piazza Al Forno for great Napolitana pizza

Thanks for the offer! I wouldn't think of visiting Glendale without looking you up and making up any kind of reason to drop by with a couple of bottles of Zin and a request to check out both of your ovens! Right now I haven't plans to visit AZ but by this time next year my 16yo daughter will have committed to a college (she's a swimmer and has been contacted by schools in the Big 10, ACC, SEC and Pac-10. If she picks USC (her current fav) then we'll definitely plan to visit when SC swims at ASU or UofA!


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