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Default Re: Pedicab Tricycle Oven

I hope you are content with what you already have mentioned regarding equipment on your tricycle, I mean that is enough for a tricycle to endure. Isn't it?

Still, I believe that it is not impossible to compact all what you have mentioned into one tricycle. The main concern is weight/space savings.

I would first recommend a steel dome oven. It is lighter, vibration resistant, and more space saving too. A steel chamber made of 14-gauge steel is possible and is used by the Forno Bravo manufacturing their Bella oven. Both igloo and barrel are possible but try to minimize the hearth as much as it is still convenient to work with.

Using 14-gauge steel will save 2-4" all around the hearth compared to bricks or refractory, not to mention the consequent weight savings. I don't think cladding is an option in your case. You may be going with the ceramic blanket right over the steel dome. I would suggest the hearth to be 14-gauge steel too, welded together with the dome, and covered with a thin layer of bricks just to protect the pizzas from being burned. The steel hearth welded to the dome will recharge the bricks with heat by conduction besides radiation from the dome.

This may be an oven with the minimum space and weight possible yet the most possible functionality; you will be missing heat retention, but this must be the price to pay for your custom needs, all the other advantages of a WFO will not be affected IMHO. I'm just building an oven very similar to what I described above. It is an igloo shape. You can easier go with a barrel vault but the first saves more space.

I would suggest using all possible space especially under the oven and stuff it with the MOST HEAVY equipment like water tanks, pumps, or even a small fridge in order to lower the center of gravity to make the ride more safe. Use the space over the oven too, you can store the light things there like wood.

Think "convertible"; use convertible tables, convertible sinks (Yes Convertible sinks with flexible pipes), convertible roofs as much as possible to keep your design elegant. Your "vehicle" doesn't necessarily need to stay a vehicle once it parks and unfolds for operation.

I don't know what is the available space on your tricycle for your mobile kitchen, but I believe that all the equipment can be equipped on your tricycle. and it can still be driven and operated by the very same person. I'll be posting any helpful ideas as soon as I have.
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