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azpizzanut 02-21-2011 11:35 AM

Dog house igloo forms
Hello All,

In the beginning..........

While contemplating my first wood fired oven I thought about alternative construction methods as a way to save money and time. A dog house igloo seemed like a good way to go as an inside form. There are several folks who have used the dog house igloos successfully as a basis for their brick ovens. As things turned out, I was able to locate a modular oven in my city for a good price so I bought it instead of experimenting with the Dogloos.

So now, I have two plastic dog house igloos available for anyone in the Phoenix, Arizona area, for the taking. They are 34" and 30" at the base. The bottoms are already removed so that there is a rough 63% entrance height ratio. My original idea was to use them as forms for pouring refractory cement and making a modular oven. Alternatively, either one would provide an internal form for placing half bricks/mortar on the outside. One of the igloos is cut nearly through the thickness of the plastic so it could be removed in pieces upon completion of the dome.

Also available are enough insulating kiln bricks to place under the hearth.

This would make a good project for an industrious and energetic builder and provide an interesting alternative construction method for discussion.


azpizzanut 03-08-2011 02:33 PM

Re: Dog house igloo forms
Oh Happy Days,

The Dogloo dog houses are gone now.

Still available are about 100 K23 insulating fire bricks.

Here is something to consider about using insulating bricks as a base for a hearth. No wet mixing of vermiculite, perlite, and Portland cement. No wet base to dry out.


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