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mdub 06-28-2009 02:33 AM

BBQ Pizza Dome
I have just completed construction of my latest experiment, a barrel done made from refractory materials.

The dome fits inside a 2 burner gas BBQ (Grill) and uses a 40mm refactory tile as a pizza stone.

Given the depth of knowledge on this site, I'm keen to get some feedback on what you think.

I created a storyboard on Instructables to document my progress.

BBQ Pizza Dome


MarkG 06-29-2009 10:54 AM

Re: BBQ Pizza Dome
I was thinking of doing something similar. I was planning on putting tile on the upper rack and pizza stone on the cooking grate and heating A few bricks along the sides etc. Not a dome, but sort of a rectangular pizza oven similar to a comercial one. Have yet to try it.

mdub 06-29-2009 04:06 PM

Re: BBQ Pizza Dome

I tried lots of things before I decided on the dome.

Most of them worked reasonably well, but I saw all the talk on this site about domes and radiant heat and decided that the dome was the way to go.

The only thing that I don't know at this point, is how long the dome will hold up to the heat.


ideaswoman 10-01-2009 04:50 PM

Re: BBQ Pizza Dome
Would love to know how it is holding up

I am trying to work out a simple way to create a dome for by gas bbq to enable to cook pizza and bread. I rent and not willing at the moment to fork out over $1K for a portable steel wood fired oven which I would really love to own!

ideaswoman 10-01-2009 04:52 PM

Re: BBQ Pizza Dome
I should also mention, buying refractory bricks in Queensland is mission impossible. Clay Pavers and brick sellers not interested in my small purchase.

ThisOldGarageNJ 10-01-2009 07:06 PM

Re: BBQ Pizza Dome
line your grill top with kaowool insulation,,, Paint it with rigidizer (available on ebay) then put firebricks on the grill,,,

ideaswoman 10-02-2009 06:46 PM

Re: BBQ Pizza Dome
Wow, thanks for that advice.

I tried a terracotta tile [thickest you can get and 300x300mm] and it worked too well so back to the drawing board! I have to raise the tile off the cast iron grate as it got too hot and then of course the top did not cook properly.

I would like to thank Concept Tiles | A Fusion of Innovation & Style for being so helpful regarding the tile. I had been everywhere to get one tile! ! ! !

mdub 10-07-2009 08:59 PM

Re: BBQ Pizza Dome

Thanks for the feedback, The oven is holding up really well.

Yes finding a supplier of refractory materials is quite difficult, however there must be a supplier in QLD somewhere !

You might find it interesting that I first started out with a metal stand which positioned the terracotta tile (yes I did that too) at the same height in the BBQ as the rotisserie rod, which seems to be a "sweet spot" in the BBQ, I used that method for a year before building the dome.

You could try Palmer Technologies, they may be able to help, or perhaps they might be able to suggest a supplier.

The tiles I use weigh 12 kg each and are 40mm thick 300mm x 300mm



mdub 01-01-2010 01:44 AM

BBQ Pizza Dome - Update
1 Attachment(s)
Pizza Dome update.

I have now completely closed in the back section of the dome with refractory materials, previously the BBQ hood sat against the back of the dome.

I suspected that I was losing a lot of heat, as the heat up time was close to 45 minutes to reach 385c.

After the modification the oven now heats in 30 minutes, since this worked so well, I have had to engineer (I really mean "bodgey up") a turntable for the pizza stone so I can turn the pizza more quickly than I had to previously else the back of the pizza burns.

I'll post some shots once I pretty her up a little.

Also for the Aussies out there
Beefeater have released this......does anyone have one yet.


nissanneill 01-01-2010 02:41 AM

Re: BBQ Pizza Dome
There is no substitute for the real thing though.
If you want the best, then you need to get a wood fired oven, 1 to 1 1/2 hours heatup to 500˚C and pizzas in one minute. Everything else is second rate.


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