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Default Re: What's the Dough secret?

Originally Posted by scottz View Post
I think the secret is just learning how to do it....
Perhaps one should see the dough preparation process as a "work in progress", constantly tweaking the variables to see what affect that may have on the end product. I don't think my tinkering will end any time soon...
/ Rossco
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Default Re: What's the Dough secret?

I have been making pizza dough for a long time. Until recently, it was pretty much the same method, although the ingredients have always been subject to change. In the last year or so, my entire methodology has changed, although the work flow is the same.

The only major thing I have changed in 30 years of dough is that I now often do a 24 to 78+ cold fermented dough. Before, I always made same day warm fermented doughs. It makes a world of difference, so I would say that that is the real secret.

Go to pizzamaking.com and read. I have learned a ton between here and there about dough and pizza making in general.
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Default Re: What's the Dough secret?

HYDRATION. 68%+ of flour volume

then Pre-ferment
then extended cold ferment (24hrs=)

00 flour with 11.5% protein- no more is necessary
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Default Re: What's the Dough secret?

Here is a url to the most detailed easy to follow explanation of the dough making process that I have read to date. Jeff Varasano's NY Pizza Recipe

I have ordered the book identified on the varasanos site, by Ed Woods from sour dough.com and am in the process of growing my own san francisco culture from a starter bought from the same site. Just completed my oven and am anxious to try it out.

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Default Re: What's the Dough secret?

Thanks for the link to Verasano's, Phil. Even though I hit "print" before I realized it was 54 pages, the answers to alot of my questions about pizza making were answered. My oven isn't completed yet, but I'm looking forward to trying out some of his ideas. Thanks again.
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Default Re: What's the Dough secret?

How do people treat their dough after a long cold ferment. I have found that if you make your dough balls and put them in individual containers they are very wet and sticky after 24 hours in the fridge, 65% hydration. They are difficult to get out of the containers even if the container is well oiled. How long before using the dough balls do you allow before taking out of the fridge? Do you leave the dough ball in the individual container until you are ready to use. I am also wondering about a bulk ferment in the fridge and making the dough balls a couple of hours before use and leaving them at room temperature.
When i cooked in a standard oven with a pizza stone i always used a bread flour fresh yeast and olive oil. I would do a 3 hour starter, then mix the dough leave for an hour and make the dough balls and leave for an hour at room temperature and it worked great. But i am struggling with the 00 flour and cold rise.
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Default Re: What's the Dough secret?

If there is a secret to "dough" I would suggest it lies in figuring out what you want your dough to be like. 00, oil, no oil, biga, sourdough, high hydration, cold retard, preball, postball, etc. all provide different end results and they are only preferable if they take you toward a dough/pie with characteristics you want. Once you figure out what you like and want you can then talk about techniques and possibly secrets but until you have a goal the secrets are pretty meaningless IMO.

Last time we did pizzas (about three weeks ago before leaving for Italy - report soon to be uploaded) I did three doughs because I happen to prefer different doughs for different toppings. One was 00 (because I am out of my favorite organic AP) for margherita and sparser pies, a NeoNeopolitan dough (with oil and honey) for wetter pies, and a sourdough dough for a new pizza I am working on and for flatbread. The 00 and NeoNeo were balled before retarding. The sourdough was AP and was balled after retarding. And they each give very different results.
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Default Re: What's the Dough secret?

Jay, I/we all want to hear about your trip to Italy...with pics. haha
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Default Re: What's the Dough secret?

Mix, cold ferment overnight, bring to temp, ball (or ball and bring to temp) and bake. Do just gotta be warm so it will stretch. Warm is 75 F to 80 F
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Default Re: What's the Dough secret?

I use 4 part 00 grade floour to 1 part fine semolina flour, dry active yeast, warm water, olive oil, salt and a bit of honey to give sweetness and activate the yeast. Let it raise for an hour or so then divide into 200-230g balls, cover and prove for a bit.

I used to go barebones flour, salt, water, yeast but then started playing about with it a bit and quite frankly I (and everyone that samples them) say it's the best dough. Each to their own really! I think a lot is in the technique though, never using a rolling pin is a definite and from my days as a pizza chef I learnt the art of stacking and pressing the doughs to stretch. Maybe I do a little video of this if there isn't one already.

Saying this it took a lot of tries to get what I wanted.
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