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Xabia Jim 02-20-2008 11:26 AM

Red Wine
I work for wine......preferrrably red!

:) ;) :p

gjbingham 02-20-2008 06:38 PM

Re: Red Wine
Come on over Jim. My lawn needs mowing. :)

What's your favorite red from Spain?

Xabia Jim 02-20-2008 10:54 PM

Re: Red Wine
So many to choose from and so little time!

I really like the wines from the Priorat region but they're getting noticed and more expensive. Also had the Mencia grape from Galecia last year and liked that.

Lots of the wines here are still Tempranillo, an indiginous grape. Close by are lots of Monastrell vinyards. That said, lots of the more common grapes are being planted so we now have loads more Cabernets, Merlot, Pinot and Syrah.

Like anywhere you can pay a lot for wine but here a good bottle can be had for $20. Still very drinkable wine is had under $10 and even under $5. They even have liter boxes in the grocery for $1.50 that say "most sold Spanish wine in the world"

And another neat thing here is that you can find old wine if you're willing to look and pay. I bought a wine friend a bottle of 1964 Rioja a few years back for $20. And last week we bought a magnum of 1994 Rioja for $15 for when James comes over to teach me how to cook pizza ;) :D :)

I've cut trees for wine, why not grass?

gjbingham 02-21-2008 08:21 AM

Re: Red Wine
I cut trees for firewood!

The Riojas are almost always excellent, though not full bodied enough for my taste, but I found that they're often easier on the pocket book. I never developed a taste for the sherry served everywhere with tapas around Jerez, but then again, whites are not my favorites.

I found many really nice older reds while shopping in Barcelona. I saved many of them for years, but alas, they're all dead soldiers now. I'm not very familiar with the many Spanish varieties though. Kind of a hidden market to the US. The French and Italian reds, and German whites seemed to have dominated the EU market while I lived and travelled in Europe.

Xabia Jim 02-21-2008 10:47 AM

Re: Red Wine
I too like a good chewy red wine.

What are you drinking up north George? Washington has some nice wines. I tracked down a blend wine called 6 Prong up there but it might have been from Oregon.

I also went to CA to do my first wine tastings and really enjoyed the Zinfandels. Great fun to see how many wineries you can tag.....

CanuckJim 02-21-2008 04:15 PM

Re: Red Wine

No hijack of the thread intended, just a report. I'm suffering from a surfeit here: Texas pecans from Dave, Tenn. White Lily flour from Dutch, maybe some coffee beans from Sammy, definitely some CA herbs from Joe Engineer. So far, all I've done is ship off some levain. We should develop this, I'm thinking: THE BARTER BROS go with a public offering!!!. I can see the headline in The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, CNN, BBC. Let's get on a roll.

In truth, very grateful I am (Yoda), or is it Jeff. Not sure, just trusting the Force.


gjbingham 02-21-2008 07:40 PM

Re: Red Wine
CJ: There's a thought! - "Jim's List - Items for Barter"

XJ - I lived pretty extravagantly when I was single. Retired, with a family and new daughter, I look for inexpensive bargains. I really like Mary Hill Vinyards Zin from Eastern WA. They do several other wines that are top quality for the money. Google will get you there. I've been really disappointed with the latest release of Pinot Noirs from everywhere, CA to WA. '05 was not a good vintage anywhere as far as I can tell.

I hope to get some grapes off my vines this year, just to see how much sugar they can concentrate. I'm only 40 miles north of the pinot vineyards of Oregon, so I have hopes that my SW exposure will bring these berries in with great sugars.

Locally, there's a small vintner, Captsone Cellars, that buys grapes from E. Washington and ferments locally. A very common practice in Western WA where it is not as warm, but where everyone lives. They do a very nice Sangiovese and another blend that I've forgotten the name of, that was a killer last year, but then again, I had a Reisling by them that was bottled too early and was still slightly fizzy.

Sadly, I've fallen out of the better wines of the past. Hopefully, I can make my own in the future. I've got 11 gallons of Blackberry wine bulk ageing in carboys right now. Somehow, just not the same ;(

jwnorris 02-22-2008 07:50 AM

Re: Red Wine

Originally Posted by gjbingham (Post 24779)
<snip> I've been really disappointed with the latest release of Pinot Noirs from everywhere, CA to WA. '05 was not a good vintage anywhere as far as I can tell. <snip> (

I recently tried a nice 05 Pinot from Longoria - out of the Paso Robles area in California.

Good luck with the wine making. My Dad made a batch of Elderberry wine one year.


Frances 02-22-2008 09:43 AM

Re: Red Wine
George, could you post how you made the blackberry wine? When can you drink it, what will it taste like?

We had blackberries coming out of our ears last summer. Grapes too, come to think of it...

Maybe we could start a new subject heading called "what I brewed/distilled last year" - there are quite a few out there on beer brewing already.

Les 02-22-2008 10:57 AM

Re: Red Wine

Originally Posted by gjbingham (Post 24779)

I've been really disappointed with the latest release of Pinot Noirs from everywhere, CA to WA. '05 was not a good vintage anywhere as far as I can tell.

My brother in law (plug intended) has a winery that specializes in Pinotís. Not sure how the í05 turned out, Iím sure I tasted it, just canít remember.:o

Savannah-chanelle Vineyards in Santa Cruz Mountains of California the very best


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