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Archena 12-05-2007 04:45 PM

Storage Building 'Foundation'
This thought occurred to me today and I'm wondering if it can be done (with no idea if I'll actually ever need to). Could a small storage building be set up on concrete blocks instead of a slab - for a few months or so, not permanently (permanent things should be done right) - without a floor? I mean ring the entire structure not just prop it up on a few but enough to keep it off the ground and protected from water. The stuff in it would either be on the walls or be on wheels so that's not an immediate concern.

I'm just toying with buying a cheap (emphasis on cheap) metal building to store the lawn mower and misc gardening junk but I'm also still very much intending to move so I don't want to commit a large amount of money (and I really don't want to put down a slab here for anything - the storage building shouldn't have a better foundation than the house, anyway...). Obviously a pier foundation won't work without a floor and I wouldn't want the walls to sag so the block would have to be all the way around (maybe a few with an inch or two left open for drainage).

So, how stupid is this?

Versachi 12-05-2007 05:38 PM

Re: Storage Building 'Foundation'
I don't really see a problem with that idea. If you have grass in that spot you may want to peel it back to get yourself down to better soil do that it doesn't sag. You could go one step further and rent a packer and run it around for 20 minutes to give yourself a more compacted surface to place the block. You may also have to think about the weight of the shed. If its light and gets windy will it may end up in your neighbours yard.

Cheers, John

Archena 12-05-2007 05:47 PM

Re: Storage Building 'Foundation'
Thanks - I hadn't really started fleshing it out but you're right - the neighbors probably won't appreciate a huge metal box kite on their roof.

asudavew 12-05-2007 06:03 PM

Re: Storage Building 'Foundation'
I used to put up sheds for Lowe's in between cabinet installs.

Many of them, kits, were built on top of a wood floor.
The floor consisted of treated lumber: 2x4's and plywood.

So blocks would be just fine.

And most home improvement stores sell anchor kits for light weight sheds.
The kit consists of large screw-in ground anchors. And steel cables.

Go for it!
You shouldn't have any probs.


Archena 12-06-2007 09:58 AM

Re: Storage Building 'Foundation'
:smile: Thanks!

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