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johngalt 01-25-2011 08:15 AM

We built a mobile WFO/pizza kitchen in a truck
Just want to pop this up there quick before I go off to work on the truck again.

Last summer we cast a 44" WFO out of refractory concrete on the back of a 4x8 foot utility trailer and cooked over 1000 pizzas in August-October in it.

Now we're ready for more and began work on our truck-based kitchen earlier this month.

We are working with castable refractory materials from Pryor Giggy.

The total weight of the castable in this oven is around 1200 lbs,*with a 3 inch cast floor and 3 inch walls.

I'll post some more details when I have a bit more time, but in the mean time, here's a timelapse movie of how we created the oven from the base all the way to complete.

YouTube - Basic Kneads Pizza - Oven from scratch

Lburou 01-25-2011 08:36 AM

Re: We built a mobile WFO/pizza kitchen in a truck
Wish I could move that fast.... ;)

I felt pretty lazy watching you guys be so productive :)

More power to you. Any more pictures? I'm curious how you mount and transport the oven(s)?

johngalt 01-25-2011 08:50 AM

Re: We built a mobile WFO/pizza kitchen in a truck
That was over 2 days, about 3 hours of work each day.

The oven is permanently mounted to the floor and the chassis of the truck, isolated by 3/4 inches of neoprene rubber under the entire frame of the oven to absorb some road shock.

I'll keep the thread updated with pictures here as we go...the rest of the truck is under construction the rest of this week and should be mostly finished next week. We don't rest, cause there's money to be made!

After the forms were pulled we wrapped strap steel all around that to lock the entire oven down. Don't want it coming free and flying into the driver during a sudden stop.

It will be wrapped in 4 inches of ceramic blanket insulation and then we'll use steel framing to box it all in.

This is our second refractory cast build, and I've got to say I love working with refractory. I can see the appeal of bricks, but don't have the patience to place each one by hand. This is the fast and dirty way to make a high-performance oven that will last through the next pompeii (which would be when Yellowstone blows for us here in Denver)

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