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Xabia Jim 03-10-2007 09:49 PM

Twin ovens
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James....I'd already posted in the oven photo's before I saw your new commercial ovens thread...

,,,,but yesterday I took these pictures of a double oven setup at our favorite it belongs in commercial ovens don't you think.

I think they were 1.5 meter ovens with a fixed door on hinges. They use pine branches to fire them!

3 chimneys are for the two ovens which apparently vent the hood setup in front.......note smoke staining on ovens. The other extractor unit in the back vents a massive grilling setup.

Ovens do Cocas (small pizza appetizers), Breads, and Roast meats (Lamb, Duck, Rabbit) and their Espincat (Peppers, Eggplant, Onion)

I will post the duck on favorite restaruants!

james 03-11-2007 04:20 AM

Re: Twin ovens
Hey Jim,

It would be interesting to see what temperatures they cook at, and if they keep the two at different temperatures for different dishes. Next time you are there, you can use your infrared to see what they are doing.:eek: The chef will probably (hopefully?) think it's fun seeing your infrared test his oven.

Whadya think?

james 03-11-2007 07:32 AM

Re: Twin ovens
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One thing. Jim, did you see these. A Mano in NJ.

Xabia Jim 03-11-2007 10:39 AM

Re: Twin ovens
James, when we were there a while ago we saw them throwing in massive loads of dough at the end of the afternoon meal session....making bread for the evening meal or the next I think they are roasting ovens. They slice it up to serve and I've noticed the bottom cut off too when it was burnt!

I can ask more questions next was fun!

james 03-11-2007 02:22 PM

Re: Twin ovens
It sounds great. Was this weekend lunch? Or dinner? I am having visions of a leisurely Sunday lunch in the sun with loads of different courses and lots of Vino Tinto.

phillip 09-08-2007 09:23 PM

Re: Twin ovens
Hi, new to this forum am wanting to build a 5 or 6 foot internal variation to the Pompeii oven can anyone help with plans or dome sizes its a commercial oven

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