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rock dude 08-30-2013 11:29 AM

gas vs. electric
Any thoughts on deck ovens? Electric or gas? Electric seems to get hotter. I want a hot deck oven to simulate what a wood fire might do. I do feel more comfortable with gas just because thats what I am used to. I can not install Wood fired in my location and need an alternitive. Any body got any thoughts on the electric or gas pizza deck ovens?

brickie in oz 08-31-2013 01:44 AM

Re: gas vs. electric

Originally Posted by rock dude (Post 160678)
I want a hot deck oven to simulate what a wood fire might do.

There is no simulation to a wood fired oven....:(

cobblerdave 08-31-2013 01:58 AM

Re: gas vs. electric
If that's what you have to do check with our host Forno have a proper gas conversion with all the safety bits that should stop you oven from becoming an air/fuel bomb.
Regards dave

scott123 08-31-2013 05:06 AM

Re: gas vs. electric
The Blackstone oven can match the results of a wood fired oven- but only for pizza. It's not really viable for bread or for other tall objects.

rock dude 08-31-2013 11:09 AM

Re: gas vs. electric
Thanks guys. The commercial electric ovens, such as Bakers Pride and Pizza Master get up to 800 degrees. Any body have restaurant experience with these or other electric deck ovens? I am looking for HOT!

shuboyje 08-31-2013 12:10 PM

Re: gas vs. electric
In my opinion you can only go so hot with a deck oven and have it be practical, no matter what oven you have. The fact is a deck oven has a door across the entire front that needs to opened to turn a pizza. With a Neapolitan pizza this would be a deal breaker, you are going to load the pizza, turn it atleast 3 times while it bakes 60 seconds and then take it out. That means you are opening the door 5 times per minute just to do one pie at a time. Not only is that a logistical oven management issue, it is also going to greatly impede your ability to keep the oven at those temperatures over a long day.

Once you get under a 3 minute bake or so an oven with a door that needs to be closed just won't work for commercial use. That probably equates to 700-750F.

rock dude 08-31-2013 12:32 PM

Re: gas vs. electric
In a deck oven I realize that I will not be baking a 3 minute or less pizza. Probably a 5 minute pie. Marsal Ovens claim that pies do not need to be turned in their deck ovens. Their brick lining keeps things even. I would presume in most deck ovens, a maximum of one turn should do the job. I don't expect to get a true Neopolitan pie out of this. I do want to get a great pizza! My question still is, which deck oven would preform the best? Electric, Gas, Stone/brick lined etc. Are there any users out there who have an experienced opinion?

windage 11-21-2013 07:02 AM

Re: gas vs. electric
I have run BP gas deck ovens for years, mine had Faux stone as hearth. You will maintain around 500 to 550 easily (though costly) higher temps not feasible. The sheet metal cabinet simply won't retain the heat. You could add fire brick around the perimeter, may help. Easy to run, pretty good crust results, used ovens are not that expensive and easy to rebuild (gas controls).
You can gas fire a brick oven...consider that. See my WFO build here in "commercial" my thread is the "81 inch first build"...

jeeppiper 11-21-2013 12:04 PM

Re: gas vs. electric
I suggest moving to another state....then build a wood fired oven.

boerwarrior 11-21-2013 12:26 PM

Re: gas vs. electric
Are you sure they are not permitted? There is another thread on this forum about whether or not permits are required in WA. One train of thought is that WFO's are classified as outdoor barbeque's, which are allowed.

If smoke is the main concern, there are techniques for significantly reducing the amount of smoke generated....

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