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blacknoir 05-11-2010 07:30 PM

Outdoor Fridge
If you have one, do you really use it enough to make it worth it? It seems like a cool idea but the cost of buying and operating one seems to be a bit silly. I don't have an outdoor kitchen yet, building it this summer, so I can't speak from experience so I'm looking for advice.

Les 05-11-2010 08:26 PM

Re: Outdoor Fridge

I thought long and hard about this as well. Because of the cost of operation, I opted not to do it. I have a fridge in the shop, game room, garage, and obviously the kitchen. Cold beer is always at hand. If a fridge is not close to your oven, I say do it. Where you live, the expense of running it is not required in the winter.



blacknoir 05-11-2010 08:37 PM

Re: Outdoor Fridge
That is true.. it's only for a few months of warm weather.. but I have a keg on tap in the garage! ack..

dmun 05-12-2010 12:05 PM

Re: Outdoor Fridge
I thought briefly about buying a commercial pizza prep station, which keep the trays of topping ingredients cold, as well as having a refrigerator area underneath. They're always available used, and they aren't that expensive. In the end it didn't seem that practical, and I didn't know how a refrigeration unit would work outdoors. So for me, it's back and forth to the kitchen.

Tscarborough 05-12-2010 12:20 PM

Re: Outdoor Fridge
I have an "outdoor" fridge for my beer fridge in my tool room-soon-to-be-Mancave, and use it often. I debated one for the out door kitchen but decided against since it would not be used 70 percent of the time.

Mitchamus 05-12-2010 03:32 PM

Re: Outdoor Fridge
this might seem like a silly statement...

But.. You don't have to run it the whole time...

personally, I hate running back & forth to the kitchen to get stuff out.

If I had a prep area next to my oven, I would definitely put one in.
I would use it to store & retard proof the dough balls, store all my toppings, etc etc etc.

I also hate having to re-arrange my regular fridge to keep all my pizza stuff in there before a party.

I'd just turn it on the day before i wanted to use it.... and turn it off the day after.

Archena 05-12-2010 06:51 PM

Re: Outdoor Fridge
Conversely, you could just install a true ice box. The only operating cost would be buying the ice for it. One of the new high performing coolers mounted upright with a bottom shelf to separate the ice from the food would work wonderfully - and be super easy to clean.

blacknoir 05-12-2010 07:36 PM

Re: Outdoor Fridge
Actually, a friend suggested building an ice box into the kitchen with a drain valve. That sounded like a neat idea. I'm still debating though.. sure would be nice to have that fridge.

Tscarborough 05-12-2010 07:39 PM

Re: Outdoor Fridge
It will take a couple of days for a full or under counter size fridge to cool down, so it is cheaper to run it all the time, plus mold issues with turning it off. For me, an under the counter fridge isn't big enough to be useful. I have icechests that are bigger.

I also have an extra full size fridge in the "little kitchen" which I am about ready to seize control of and rid it of excess beverages and leftovers.

RTflorida 05-12-2010 09:50 PM

Re: Outdoor Fridge
I have a small under cabinet fridge in my outdoor kitchen area. Its sole use is for beverages. I believe it is a 3 cu. ft. model, holds about 4 - 12 packs in cans, maybe 24 longnecks.
I can't say it costs much to run, my electric bill is in the stratosphere, with or without it. I have found it indespensible when lounging around the pool, doing yardwork, or while firing my oven; I can easily go through 6-8 beverages on a hot day of yardwork, beats running inside every 15 minutes and letting a huge blast of AC air out of the house every time; I couldn't do without it at this point.


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