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nissanneill 06-22-2008 06:42 AM

Neill's Pompeii rotisserie
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Building a good sized rotisserie to inside my 40” Pompeii has kept me thinking for some time now. It is one thing to roast a leg of lamb, a beef roast, a couple of chickens etc. in a pan, but to cook a whole lamb or a suckling pig, a half dozen chickens, well, that is another challenge for the Pompeii.
There are/were numerous obstacles to overcome in the design, including:
how to mount the shaft end inside the oven,
how to mount the outside end,
how to drive the shaft at a variable rate,
how to access the fire and the meat with the unit in position,
how to insulate the electrical from the oven heat,
are all to be decided before work can get underway
I got what I thought was a great idea, to drive a 1”ski boat stainless prop shaft though an automotive drive plate sitting on 2 starter motor bendix drives. These would be driven by a 12v variable speed windscreen wiper motor via a small chain. I have all of the bits in my workshop but the 3 drive sprockets (which would be easy but fiddly to make) and made a prototype this afternoon. I got a crankshaft flange from a worn out motor, turned it down, drilled and bored out the centre to fit the shaft diameter, assembled it. I can even use the oil lubrication holes to locate on a pin through the shaft as well as 2 grub securing allen screws. The drive plate can also be assembled once the meat on the shaft is inserted and located on the inside end assembly which is easily made with a pipe bender to the oven inside diameter radius.
It was all coming together very nicely , and when I was almost finished the prototype, I then found the alternative, simpler option, the worm drive. The pars required were laying in my scrap steel bin, directly under my feet.
Both have advantages and disadvantages, each system has the others disadvantages as their advantages
So now it is get cracking whilst I await for the council to approve my patio plans prior to my outdoor kitchen construction.


christo 08-19-2008 10:16 AM

Re: Neill's Pompeii rotisserie

Any more progress here or did the approval from council come faster than planned - so you got busy with the roof truss fab?

I'm anxious to see what your final design looks like.



toddj 08-19-2008 11:17 AM

Re: Neill's Pompeii rotisserie
worm drive will take the heat better than the chain!!

toddj 08-19-2008 11:22 AM

Re: Neill's Pompeii rotisserie
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Also if you wanter a bigger ( slower ) toothed disk you can get a flex plate out of an LS1

nissanneill 08-19-2008 03:12 PM

Re: Neill's Pompeii rotisserie
That looks a mean sized driveplate Todd.
The only trouble with a bigger one is that you reduce your viewing window quite considerably. I know that I would be always watching what was going on in the oven at least for the first few times of use.
I don't think that the larger size would be needed as the motor so lowly geared have surprising power.
I saw a very compact unit at a local store qith a 3/4" stainless shaft approx 6' long and around 1/8hp geared down drive motor for Aus$230. The only trouble was how to hold the motor which was very agricultural and just clipped onto a vertical bar of the spit apparatus.


toddj 08-20-2008 06:48 AM

Re: Neill's Pompeii rotisserie
If you are looking for a smaller drive size...another option is to scrap the motor and replace it with a solenoid or tiny pneumatic cylinder. Every time the solenoid plunges it advanced the drive plate by one tooth.. kind of like a tooth gear in an antique clock.

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