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nissanneill 07-18-2008 04:46 AM

Neill's new kitchen underway!
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After being delayed for 6 months with extra specs as required by the local council, I am now underway.
I got the truss steel on Monday, cut it assembled and welded them together, finishing today. I will almost need a crane to put them into place but unable to access the back patio area with a crane except over the house and with power lines in the way, makes that almost impossible. Guess I will have to call on the other family members and put on a pizza day to get them up and welded to the perlins.
I have been putting a fair amount of thought into the area beside the oven which is currenly occupied by a 33 year old rusty rectangular rainwater tank.
I plan on running the gabled roof right up to the fence and building some sort of display/cupboard/shelves with a condaments selection bench immediately in front of it. The assembly benches, the sink and cut up bench will be retiled and well lit with pendant lights. A ceiling fan will be centred over the oversized family table, mood lighting and a natural gas heater on the house wall. I palso plan on getting a chimenea or brasseri for the other end on particularly cold nights but we rarely experience them here.
The floor is to be relevelled and tiled with something like terracoota tiles, and clear cafe style blinds installed around the retaining wall to keep out those chilly winter breezes.
Any other suggestions crew??


christo 07-18-2008 07:53 AM

Re: Neill's new kitchen underway!
Looks very cool! Any mood lighting or accent lighting planned?

Loved the picture - especially your garage door! Looks just like mine - anytime I go to use my table saw or radial arm saw it takes awhile to clear off the table tops.


Ken524 07-18-2008 09:49 AM

Re: Neill's new kitchen underway!
That's going to be really nice Neil!

Groves 07-18-2008 11:48 AM

Re: Neill's new kitchen underway!
Big Iron. Now THAT's a bandsaw. Sell it to me for a dollar!

asudavew 07-18-2008 11:55 AM

Re: Neill's new kitchen underway!
I'd call that heavy duty. :eek:
Are you worried something is going to fall on your WFO and crush it?:confused:


Should be awesome.
When is opening night? I always wanted visit Australia!


nissanneill 07-18-2008 09:17 PM

Re: Neill's new kitchen underway!
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Hi crew,
the steel trusses are made of 100 x 50 x 3mm steel when the engineers specified 5mm thick. That I see as a gross overkill
I'd be prepared to lift a 350 chevy motor and gearbox off each of these beams. The pertlins are a little more sensible, 65 x 35 x 2mm and I have 8 running the 13 metre lengthwise down the patio. I will clad it with a combination of colourbond and polycarbonate sheet.
I start the old patio demolition this afternoon so hopefully will get the trusses up in the next couple of weeks. I have include a couple of pics of the old patio and will update it as it progresses.

openning night will be when it is all finished and I intend to have it ready completed by christmas. Still a whole lot of work to do apart from theother jobs around the house and the kids priorities.

yes a 30" bandsaw that I got to rip down the jarrah timber that I make the odd room of furniture from
I also have a whole lot of aTasmanian Blackwood for a new dining suite includong 10 chairs, extention table and custom sideboard.

yes I plan on mood lighting (looking for some old gas lights but not the camping type) for that special character. The wife wants 'good lighting' over the table but she means fluoros. I will have good lighting over the assembly benches but subdued over the table.
And yes, my workshop is a very busy one. Most of my larger woodworking equipment is in the adjacent enclosed carport (40 x 15') with a 10' lacey belt, a 20" thicknesser, a 12" tilt arbour tablesaw, a morticinc machine, a 12" buzzer, a 12" compound mitre saw, 12" disk and 4" belt sander, and a router table in with a stack of timber drying waiting for use. I also have some magnificent Huon Pine for something very special when I finally get around to it. In the garage is an almost finished Robin Hood clubman (driveable but still need to get through road transport for registration), a Dax Rush clubman (my future toy), mig, arc, grinders, stand drill, 1200mm metal lathe, a host of car parts, a diecutting press, numerous benches and most of my hand tools. I have an open web truss running across the garage to lift motor/gearboxes and a large pit. A very busy place to be in.

christo 07-19-2008 03:56 AM

Re: Neill's new kitchen underway!
Sounds like you have really thought that all out. I really like gas lanterns, they are going to look sweet. Looks like the teardown is gonna be tough!

Our garages are more similar than I thought - I have 2 old triumphs and lots of tools - but almost all of yours are all a couple of inches bigger than mine!!!

I built a wind/privacy screen with moveable louvers a few years ago. It worked great. I moved since then or I'd run out and take a pic. It was largely comprised of vertical louvers (felt less prone to warping) topped by 3 horizontal louvers.

I think I could have made the brackets myself but it worked well. Basically the fence is a large shutter - horizontal or vertical - and you can operate the fence boards to be closed or open. Here's a link that shows it much better.

Rittenhouse | Versa Fence - Flex-fence Louver System

All the best,


nissanneill 07-19-2008 05:44 AM

Re: Neill's new kitchen underway!
Hi Christo,
I don't have to worry about privacy as I am dug into the high side of the road and the patio floor is around 5 metres below the rear fencelineand 2 1/2 metres below the side fence line. We also are around 15 metres below the hilltop and get little wind, mainly gentle breezes, we call them gulley breezes
The louver link is almost identical to the window treatments in the houses built on stilts in Queensland, commonly called the Queenslanders. They tend to have louvers rather than glass for proper and thorough ventilation. They are timber framed, timber (weatherboard) clad and are normally on 3 metre stilts so that if there is any breeze up in the tropics, the house cools down quickly. Under the house which is totally open is usually the laundry and garaging for all vehicles.
I will be looking for appropriate lighting a nd gas if they can be found. These should provide different mood lighting.


CajunKnight 07-19-2008 09:39 AM

Re: Neill's new kitchen underway!
I love the gas lighting idea. This will add a great mood to any scene.
This is one supplier I found doing a quick search for gas lighting. 200+ Quality Gas Lights, Gas Torches, Same Day Shipping

Another option to gas lighting and there are several models available to choose from.
Flicker Flame Bulb Turn Tip - Medium Base. - LB-19

nissanneill 07-19-2008 03:07 PM

Re: Neill's new kitchen underway!
I already have some flicker flame bulbs in a couple of old antique railway lanterns in my rumpus room which supply a lovelly mood lighting.
I would like a reasonably strong lighting over the large table and was even thinking along the lines of a modern lpg style gas light but within a specially made colouful leadlight shade, still in the style and aura of those nostalgic bygone days.
I keep checking ebay but most of the lights are wall mounted and only 1 offs. Still. I have time on my side.


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