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toro 07-21-2012 11:50 PM

help to decide the type of oven to buy
This the the first time on this forum
I am little confuse which type of oven to buy
either the Premio2G110 or the CASA2g110 FOR $500 LESS or another option ?
Which one hold heat longer ? does any one have any expererince on these ones ?
I mainly will use it for roast like lamb, turkeys, vegies, some pizza
Also my desing will be a bottle shape oven, so I need the (vent)pipe to be the top center (not at the front), so need to buy a elbow pipe ? single sor doble pipe ?
If like to be like a fireplace at the same time, could I pt the cooking floor height at 40" same high as the counter ?
Thank you for your help

kmrice 07-23-2012 11:48 AM

Re: help to decide the type of oven to buy
The Premio has a significantly thicker casting, floor, and insulation and so it has more thermal mass and insulation and should regain heat better than the Casa. It may take longer to heat up; I don't know.

I have a Casa2g110 I bought before the Premio was available. It takes about an hour to clear the dome for Pizza and about 1.5 to two hours to fully heat saturate. (You then need to let it cool down to your baking or roasting temperature). It holds heat long enough for at least two batches (7.5 kilos each) of bread followed by roasting lamb or turkey (it's big enough for two of either one, or one of each) and veggies, so, unless you really need to do a lot of cooking the Casa is probably all you need. With a little planning, I always have more heat than I have food to cook and typically run around trying to find something to stick in the oven after I finish whatever I planned to cook. That said, if I were to buy now I'd buy the Premio just to have the additional thermal mass and insulation, but it would be probably be overkill.

With regard to height, it depends on how tall you are. You don't want to be bending over all the time, nor do you want to reach up. You want to be able to see into the oven easily. I think elbow height is about right for most people. If you do a search, I believe you will find lots of threads on this site about height.

I'll let someone else comment on the vent, except to say that the vent needs to be in the front. Whether you can pipe the vented gasses back over the center (this may be what is called a beaver tail) is something others on this site can help you with, but I wouldn't do it unless someone with experience assures you it will work. The basic design of the front vented igloo oven has been around for a couple of thousand years and it works.

Good luck.


Laurentius 10-29-2012 02:02 PM

Re: help to decide the type of oven to buy
Hi Doug,

Are you sure you're on the right forum???

REE REE B 10-29-2012 03:53 PM

Re: help to decide the type of oven to buy
Hi Doug

Both ovens are great for what you are looking to bake. If you are planning on doing a lot bread baking as well as pizza then the Premio would be a good choice as it has a double insulated door as well as extra insulation. They both have incredible heat retention so there is no comparison really. All of our ovens are made of the same material so one is not superior over the oven its just a matter of preference.

Laurentius 10-30-2012 04:19 AM

Re: help to decide the type of oven to buy
Ree Ree B,

You're talking to the wrong guy, the guy you want is in center field, the guy you're talking to is in the same park, with a bowling ball.

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