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Les 07-12-2007 02:37 PM

Getting closer
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I installed my barbecue last night. This was a major step toward the grand picture. Note to future builders; drilling holes in porcelain is a bitch!! If you can avoid it, I recommend doing so. It probably took 3 hours to drill 8 holes.


CAM 07-12-2007 05:34 PM

Re: Getting closer
The effort was worth it. Looks great. Bosch makes a masonry bit called Blue Granite. When I'm forced to drill porcelain they are my choice. I haven't found anything that lasts more than a couple of holes, so buy a few.


Les 07-12-2007 06:32 PM

Re: Getting closer

I used a new product from Dewalt. They claim it can do 200 hits. I'm stopping at 8.:)

How long does it take to drill a 1/4 in hole with the bosch?


PS - Thanks for the complement.

dmun 07-12-2007 07:21 PM

Re: Getting closer
Don't mess around - always use a diamond core drill.

eBay: 10 DIAMOND TILE GLASS MARBLE HOLE Saw CORE Drill Bits (item 260137410091 end time Jul-13-07 18:05:18 PDT)

(no connection...)

If break-out is going to be a problem, or you need more depth than the core, make a jig to go in from the back side in the same position.

Diamond tooling has gotten so cheap that it makes no sense to mess around with carbides.

RTflorida 07-12-2007 08:42 PM

Re: Getting closer
The diamond core bits are the way to go. It would be nice if they were more readily available; pretty sure the box retailers don't carry them, yet.
I'm going to speak to my friend at Bosch.....see if they are making them.

I used 5 of the Blue granite bits (glad they were free) and 2 or 3 Hitachi glass bits when remodeling my bathroom....had eighteen holes to drill in porcelain tile in order to mount the various accessories and towel bars.....was truely a bit**. One thing I wouldn't recommend - using a hammer drill on porcelain tile, it WILL chip it (I found out the hard way when remodeling my first house). Fortunately the chip holes were hidden...but if it chips it, it can crack it.

CAM 07-14-2007 01:50 PM

Re: Getting closer

Timing would depend on depth. I think the diamond bits make the discussion mute though. Didn't realize they had gotten affordable. I'll definitely be getting some. Have not seen them in my area, so internet it is. Thanks.

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