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christo 05-05-2007 11:10 AM

Any Good Pizza in Hong Kong?
Heading out to Hong Kong tomorrow.

Any restaurant or Attraction I should not miss?

It's killing me that the pizza oven is on hold!!!


Hendo 05-05-2007 07:18 PM

Re: Any Good Pizza in Hong Kong?
I'd like to second the question, as I'll also be there later next week!

I've seen a Frommer's recommendation for Grissini (best Italian - Wanchai 2588 1234) and Baci (Best Pizza - Central LKF 2801 5885 or 2840 0153) at Hong Kong : Introduction : Best Dining Bets | and reviews at Grissini | Restaurant Review | Hong Kong | and Baci Pizza | Restaurant Review | Hong Kong |

My daughter worked there for a few months last year and brought back a Hong Kong Tatler publication titled 'Hong Kong's Best Restaurants 2005' and both Baci and Grissini are very well reviewed. No mention of pizza though at Grissini, so you may wish to check if you decide to go there. Baci's review talks of their 'famed pizza selections'.

Also listed under Italian restaurants are Aqua (TST 3427 2288), Da Domenico (Causeway Bay 2882 8013), Divino (Central LKF 2167 8883), Gaia (Central 2167 8200), Grappa's (Central 2868 0086), and The Mistral (TST 2731 2870). Only Aqua, Gaia and Mistral specifically mention pizza in their reviews so if the others are close to your accommodation, check first. Mistral (rated highest for food along with Aqua) talks of nailing 'the art of making an authentic pizza'.

Final note - all have various ratings for food, wine and service as well as indicative price ranges, so let me know which ones appeal and I'll provide further info if you want.

Cheers, Paul.

Hendo 05-06-2007 04:40 AM

Re: Any Good Pizza in Hong Kong?

My daughter has just reported in - she has not dined at any of the recommended places above, but did try one of the 'Pizza Express' chains (SOHO Square at Central I think), and was pleasantly surprised - although she hastens to add that it was 'not at all traditional Italian'. But she thought the pizze were 'quite good'.

See PIZZAEXPRESS for info on locations and menus.

Cheers, Paul.

christo 05-06-2007 07:04 AM

Re: Any Good Pizza in Hong Kong?
Paul, I'll look for you later this week!!


christo 05-23-2007 07:36 PM

Re: Any Good Pizza in Hong Kong?
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As you may have noticed, I'm back from China. There was a lot of Mary G action going on and I did not want to disrupt the thread.

Spent the previous week in mainland China and got back to Hong Kong a day late. Was hoping to meet Paul (HENDO) on Friday afternoon, I called him to let him know I was delayed and that it was probably not going to work out.

As a result, I think he coerced his wife and daughter to shop on my side of Hong Kong (all the way across the harbour) so we could meet had have our beer.

Hendo got to my hotel and gave me a call - I was in a cab on my way back. Traffic was bad so I left my work people and hoofed it across the park back to the hotel (paul - in case you were wondering why I was out of breath...). As soon as I got into the hotel, the staff started calling me by name. Took a minute to figure that out - Paul had been asking for me! Since they knew me - I asked them to take our pictue at the hotel. Paul is the handsome guy on the left.

We had our beer overlooking hong kong harbor, I took the water pic below just moments earlier in the day. Can't say enough nice things about Paul. He was full of interesting stories. It was great to actually talk in person about our ovens - his thermocouple instrumentation reminds me of some of the nuclear plants I used to work at.... It was funny though - While visiting a new place and learning the customs is intriging, I think both of us were dying to get back home and work on our ovens.

Paul made it back safe as well. It was great to talk to one of our members.

Paul. Cheers! and thanks for the beer!!!


Hendo 05-25-2007 06:10 PM

Re: Any Good Pizza in Hong Kong?

Well, all I can say is that is was a privilege to meet up with you and share experiences - not only of oven building, but so many other things we seemed to have in common. Common interests seem to be a characteristic of the wider oven builder fraternity!

I didn’t tweak to it initially when you mentioned your work with thermocouples and Inconel in the nuclear industry, that my first job after leaving high school was with a steel tube making company, and I was initially involved in a trial project to manufacture Zircaloy-2 fuel rods for the Australian Atomic Energy Commission – snap (again!).

Getting a leave pass from the women was really not a problem – there is a ‘Ladies Market’ in Mong Kok not too far from where you were staying, so both they and I were happy about the arrangement.

Your photo of the junk on the harbour is what it was like for the rest of my stay. I’ve never seen it so bad, but maybe just typical of this time of the year – building up to typhoon season.

Thanks again for the beer!


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