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CanuckJim 03-21-2007 11:20 AM

Two Buck Chuck

A friend of mine, former New York denizen AJ, sent me this link to an article on cooking with wine in The New York Times. Have a look; it's informative, well written and funny: It Boils Down to This: Cheap Wine Works Fine - New York Times .


Les 03-21-2007 11:56 AM

Re: Two Buck Chuck
Other than the faux pas of referring to Chardonnay being aged in cedar very informative.


CanuckJim 03-21-2007 01:03 PM

Re: Two Buck Chuck
Les, guys,

Pick up on this one, too. I'm not going to comment; too busy shaking my head.

Family Hearth Moves to the Backyard - New York Times


dlachez 03-21-2007 02:00 PM

Re: Two Buck Chuck
I like the Tuesday Night Bottles and Saturday Night Bottles rule.

Thinking about it, I always thought Julia's rule, was not to cook with a wine you wouldn't drink. That leaves a much wider range.

james 03-21-2007 02:14 PM

Re: Two Buck Chuck
I agree with the don't cook with it if you wouldn't drink it rule (of course you should see what I will drink!).

But you have read Jim's NY Times article on Outdoor Fireplaces. Wow. That's all I can say.

Les 03-21-2007 02:39 PM

Re: Two Buck Chuck
Makes me wish I had thought out my backyard a little better - I could have sat there watching the climate get warmer while drinking my chardonnay aged in cedar:D

jengineer 03-21-2007 03:19 PM

Re: Two Buck Chuck
right next to the fireplace was this - my favorite rodent dog the capybara

CanuckJim 03-21-2007 03:46 PM

Re: Two Buck Chuck

Pass me the sauteed rodent, sans tail, with kidneys on the side. I've eaten raw seal liver in the Yukon, on the shore of the Beaufort Sea, and it can't be any worse than that. There's a certain essence of seaweed and low tide in a bay that stays with you.


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