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Rivernook 04-25-2008 04:01 AM

Pizza oven time capsule
My son and I are almost up to pouring the structural slab for our Pompei oven. When plugging the non concreted cores of the oven stand with cement bags I thought why not put something more interesting in there such as a newspaper? I am now thinking of the logical next step, a full blown time capsule. I am taking care to build this oven well, and hope it will be here a long,long,long time. But no doubt someone at sometime will want to demolish it, and they hopefully will recover pictures and details on the builders, family, and what we were doing in way back in 2008!!:)

All the best.

nissanneill 04-25-2008 04:16 AM

Re: Pizza oven time capsule
Welcome to the forum Rivernook,
Can I assume that you are located on a river/ The Murray maybe!
You will find plenty of help and assistance within this forum to complete all of your deires and ambitions regarding your wood fired oven.
Unless you have a plaque indicating a time capsule incorporated in it's construction, nobody would know, let alone care unless it was your future family.
Maybe a secure sealed cupboard to add those pictures and memories in it as a historical diary of the oven might be considered.

All the very best.


Frances 04-25-2008 04:45 AM

Re: Pizza oven time capsule
I put some stuff in the bottom of my grill. Just a couple of marbles, a newspaper, some empty bottles.... but then the "hearth" colapsed on top of them... :) It'll take some very dedicated un-builders to recover that lot!

SpringJim 04-25-2008 03:44 PM

Re: Pizza oven time capsule
There was a masonry bbq demolished in Ohio which was full of radium vials....apparently paint for luminescent vials from WW2

james 04-25-2008 03:51 PM

Re: Pizza oven time capsule
Great idea. Take a look at the Madonna a friend buried in the stone ceiling of his house in Puglia.

Soffito Stellata, Puglia (1)


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