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Ok guys heres the deal--I'll stick with the "Bricks and mortar" version of the Bakery. god only knows I could of freaking had it build by now if I would have spent as many hours as I have on this thing. The results the past 4 days are located at www.not a thing has changed.com

After looking into the CODE aspect of the site (thanks Dmun) and its importance "behind the scenes" so to speak I found out the the 2000 version of Publisher is much better for doing a site. The difference is, the same page that is up now created in 2000 is about 1/4 the amount of code. So I have been trying to reproduce the same simple page (it looks simple right?) But NOOOOOO not that easy. Turns out the 2000 version has some issues with some images and my logo I created, my avatar here, and will not let me add it without a white background. So on to trying to figure out what the #%$ is the solution to this. What is the going price about 1000.00 to have a site done? my advice DO IT.... So then I thought well maybe I should just break down and buy a program specifically related to site building ok that cool so I go to download one for a free trial and since I have windows 2000 pro none of them are compatible. Heck priced from 399.-$599.00 it should come with its own operating system... and an operator of that system who is not me..Anyway whats up there is staying for now I did add a Roman coin as a future "enter" button it looks pretty cool..it doesn't do anything right now, I don't think it does, then again don't click it..it might make your computer explode.
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Originally Posted by Unofornaio View Post
The results the past 4 days are located at www.not a thing has changed.com
OKay Mr. Smarty-pants Unofornaio... I did it... I really did, I tried clicking on the link. I'll bet you are lauging at me right now. Very funny, sir... verrrrry funny.

p.s. I tuned into this thread after it was basically concluded, but I hope you will keep part of any future discussions here since we can all learn from your experience.

p.p.s I really would like all of those things you promise on your welcome page. Please tell me WHERE and I'll be right over!
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