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Xabia Jim 04-03-2008 12:38 AM

I like BIG JUGS!
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I must admit that I really like big jugs....

....all sizes are nice but I think the big ones really are the best.

.....a few nice ones there, but the best ones are here!

.....over the years I've seen all kinds of nice jugs.

.... newer ones, and the older ones

..... all sorts of nice shapes

.... few topless ones

.....more bottomless

....some painted



;) ;)

Can you imagine getting your hands on some of these!

Xabia Jim 04-03-2008 12:44 AM

Re: I like BIG JUGS!
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....but these two BIG ONES are the favorites!

who says you have to have a matched pair?

(The topless and bottomless ones are a couple of thousand years old too and still holding what's left of their shape....)


Frances 04-03-2008 01:03 AM

Re: I like BIG JUGS!
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Jim, those are pots. Or amphora maybe. Even in American English, I checked Wikipedia:

A jug is a type of container for liquid. It has an opening, often narrow, from which to pour or drink, and nearly always has some kind of handle. One could imagine a jug being made from nearly any watertight material, but most jugs throughout history have been made from clay, glass, or plastic. Some Native American and other tribes created liquid holding vessels by making woven baskets lined with an asphaltum sealer.

In American English usage, a jug is a large container with a narrow mouth and handle for liquids.

Now THESE are jugs...

jengineer 04-03-2008 08:31 AM

Re: I like BIG JUGS!
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My jugs are 1340 CC or 80 cubic inches

james 04-03-2008 09:26 AM

I miss my BIG JUGS
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They were too big for hand luggage.

chuckster 04-03-2008 09:43 AM

Re: I like BIG JUGS!
All the guys looking for help with their ovens, searching for bread or dough recipes and everyone is over here reading about "Big Jugs" GRIN

Les 04-03-2008 10:25 AM

Re: I like BIG JUGS!

How old are those jugs?


Xabia Jim 04-03-2008 10:35 AM

Re: I like BIG JUGS!
Frances, these jugs are not just pots!

In the flea market (Rastro), they call them Jarras. (jars?)

Big ones like my favorites are called Tinacas (vats)

Amphora (the top of one pictured) were used for storing all kinds of things. The amphorae top pictured is maybe 2000 years old or more?.... (Greek, Roman, Phoenecian?) was found by my brother diving in the Med.

When I bought my last three, the old man at the bodega just shrugged his shoulders when I asked what they were used for...he just said they were from the old factory and used for whatever was put in them.

Olive oil?
Salted fish?
anything basically....

Here are a couple of links to a great restaurant with very nice jugs! Click on Illustrations and then Gastronomy

Note this first picture, you get to eat with a bunch of great vats (tinacas) used to store wines....the chalk marks covered the wine and vintage info!

Untitled Document

might be our favorite restaurant in Spain....

Xabia Jim 04-03-2008 10:58 AM

Re: I like BIG JUGS!

Originally Posted by Les (Post 28454)

How old are those jugs?


Les, it's hard to say. The topless and bottomless ones in the second post are likely about 2000 years old. The topless ones were from the Castle in Sagunto where it was apparently a wharehouse. The bottomless amphorae top came up from the bottom of mediterranean 20 years ago.

The others are from commercial operations. Not too long ago Spain was much more antiquated and these types of vessels were common and used for a variety of purposes. Some I bought still had oil in them. The last three had holes in the bottom side for drainage, one with a brass tap. They came from a bodega (wine store) but I'm not sure what use. They were black with dust from storage but cleaned up well.

Could be 20 years, could be 2 to 300. (check out the website for Meson del a pretty good idea of old Spain)


gjbingham 04-03-2008 11:08 AM

Re: I like BIG JUGS!
Nice jugs XJ! Thank God you don't have saggy ones!

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