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Default Re: Geese Problem

That was my first thought, George...

There's a resident population here in SW VA. Nasty habits those things have. The golf courses HATE them. As does the University, which has its soccer practice fields down by the river. Or maybe it's the soccer players who hate them? Brings new meaning to slide tackling, that's for sure.

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Default Re: Geese Problem

Thanks for all who spent their precise time and also express their ideas.
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Default Re: Geese Problem

Originally Posted by Les View Post
Do a google - seems to be quite a few solutions. Here is one.

I know for a fact that a 12 ga shotgun works

Hi ,

Is the geese control pest effective for all types of geese?
Otherwise it is varies from type by type,
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Default Re: Geese Problem

My mother was a young lady during the depression. Learned to be resourceful.

When dog-sitting for a family that had a lake-side home she got fed up with the dog tracking goose poo inside.

So she set up a 'goose fence' alone the lakefront. Simple pieces of wire coat-hanger stuck into the ground every 8 - 12 feet (apart). She then strung white cotton twine about 6 inches up from the ground.

We had lots of fun watching the geese come on land see the fence and go back into the water. They couldn't raise their feet high enough to cross, it went across the entire width so they couldn't go around.

Problem solved.
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Default Re: Geese Problem

Hello Friends,

How to use geese control pest to remove geese from my home? My home is located on lake front view. Dear Altamont I like you mom idea and I implement it. Later on I discuss with you how much it work for me.

Anyway thanks to every one for your great support.
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Default Re: Geese Problem

Glad we could help Tom!
Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.

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Default Re: Geese Problem

Thanks to all for replying me,
As I told I am suffering by geese. so I want to keep them away. So I decided to buy one best geese pest control. I heard geese control pest is effective and quick to solve geese problem.
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Default Re: Geese Problem

Simple , just eat them .

Thats why god made animals ............................ to eat !
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Default Re: Geese Problem

I use the Geese Deterrent and now I feel relax. It is good geese control pest. It gives me fast solution so I am happy with the service.

Thanks to all of you.
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Default Re: Geese Problem

Our geese just love grapes (apparently an ingredient in geese 'control' applications) but they will not rpt no cross a 10 cm (4in) wide trench I dug across the lawn between house and shed for underground electricity.

The trench is 600 mm deep (about 2 ft) and the poor critters will waddle all along the horrible earth opening on one side, cross an undisturbed piece of ground, and waddle back on the other side!

They could of course fly across, but this doesn't occur to them (dumb Emden and Toulouse birds, unlike your Canadian migrants...)

But perhaps it is also worth an experiment?


"I started out with nothing, and I've still got most of it"

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