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Archena 11-03-2007 07:57 AM

Cob Ovens Redux
Ooooohhhhh!!!! You guys gotta see this! The link has pics from a workshop where they built a cob oven. They built it in about 2 hours, began firing right then and two days later were making pizza!!!! since it was a workshop they destroyed it afterwards but look at the pics toward the bottom - they cut this thing open with a diamond saw and the clay inside was brick red from being fired! It was already dry throughout (varied, of course, as to moisture content) and you can see the layers of the various stages - one is charred straw.

The hearth was firebrick and firebrick was used in the sides (two courses to support the sand) but no cement or mortar was used at all! They did say the first layer should have been adobe - probably explains the charring - but they didn't bother with a temp oven.

That's something I can do this spring if I still haven't moved. I may just give it a try!

Link: MHA News - 2004 Meeting

Archena 11-03-2007 12:28 PM

Re: Cob Ovens Redux
I was mistaken - there are no firebricks in the oven itself - they were just there to hold up the sand and were removed as the cob went on.

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