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BrianShaw 08-14-2008 07:07 AM

Chicago Pizza
I saw a TV show on pizza last night. It must have been old because it featured an interview with Ed LeDou - father of "California" pizza. Interesting... but I don't like CA Pizza depsite living in the heart of CA for most of my life.

But, then, there was a segment on Chicago Pizza... and my mouth was watering. Two segments, in fact -- one on deep dish and antoher on stuffed pizza. by that time I was visibly drooling. This is bizarre since I grew up on Boston/NY thin pizza and that is what I like the most.

Am I going senile? Is this gut-level reaction for thick pizza a sign that I'm losing contact with reality? Should I seek intervention, or should I indulge this primal urge and seek out Pizzaria Uno for a quick fix?

This is a cry for H-E-L-P!

Modthyrth 08-14-2008 09:37 AM

Re: Chicago Pizza
You're not crazy. Even though I tend to like thin crust pizzas, even though I'm beyond excited to be able to make the kind of pizzas I most like to eat, the best pizza in my mind will always be from Pizza Papalis in downtown Detroit. Chicago style, double crust, and absolutely amazing. It's so rich you can't eat more than one piece.

Not every Chicago style pizza will do it--I never feel the urge to run down to Uno's, myself--but the right one is worth adoration and single-minded devotion.

BrianShaw 08-18-2008 08:35 AM

Re: Chicago Pizza
I couldn't do it... at least not this weekend... I might not be emotionally ready to go from emotional gu-level response to actual action... maybe next weekend??

jengineer 08-19-2008 12:25 PM

Re: Chicago Pizza
Came back recently from a quick trip to Chicago stopped in at Pizzeria Uno and Due. Yummmm

BrianShaw 12-31-2008 11:17 AM

Re: Chicago Pizza
I finally got around to making a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. (It's only been four months of 'thinking about it' and trying to find the time!) As with restaurant versions, it was good but not overwhelmingly impressive. I used Reinhart's recipe for the dough. I guess it is something that you had to grow up with. I grew up with thin NY/Boston pizza and nothing thicker tastes to me like pizza. I was up most of the night... couldn't sleep. Part of it was heartburn but the other part was guilt: I can't believe that I'd even admit that Chicago-style was "good".

RTflorida 12-31-2008 12:13 PM

Re: Chicago Pizza
you have to get out of the mindset of trying to compare the two and accept each for what they are. NY style and Chicago deep dish are completely different animals, they may share a couple of DNA markers...but are actually like comparing a chihuahua and a wolf or maybe steak tar tar vs. prime rib.
Personally, I've always loved both...if done right. An interesting fact for me - The best pizza I have ever eaten (other than in Naples or my own WFO pizza) was a long standing neighborhood pizza carryout in my home town in Ohio. Patoni's used a medium crust (maybe a tad thicker than a pan pizza from pizza hut). He would pile on the fresh toppings with a perfect tasting and consistancy sauce and cheese. No 10-15 minute pickup here...usually 30-40 minutes (about 25 minutes of oven time). This medium style was virtually the only pizza (other than Dominos) that anyone sold in NE Ohio throughout my childhood and until I moved away at age 33. Patoni's was by far the best I ever had during that time.


DrakeRemoray 12-31-2008 12:14 PM

Re: Chicago Pizza
Just don't call it Pizza and you will be fine. More like a tomato, cheese and sausage pot pie.


BrianShaw 12-31-2008 12:33 PM

Re: Chicago Pizza

Originally Posted by RTflorida (Post 48106)
you have to get out of the mindset of trying to compare the two and accept each for what they are.

You are correct. I have a bad habit (personality trait?) in which I like what I like; I like what I know; and I know if I'll like it. Other than that I guess I'm a bit limited in my adventure-seeking!

Drake... good point!

mfiore 12-31-2008 12:53 PM

Re: Chicago Pizza
Nikki, I missed this thread. I too, have fond memories of Pizza Papalis in Detroit. I went to college in Detroit, and frequently got Pizza Papalis. Always excellent. My body (my cholesterol!) can't handle that style pie anymore. Very tasty, though. Especially for a pizza made in GreekTown! Do you have ties to Michigan?

BrianShaw 12-31-2008 12:57 PM

Re: Chicago Pizza

Originally Posted by mfiore (Post 48110)
Especially for a pizza made in GreekTown!

I know this is going off-topic, but it is my own thread so I can hijack it (right?)... but similar is true in MA, where I came from. Many of the best pizza shoppes in MA are owned and run by Greeks. I find that perplexing. Now that I live in LA, I notice that many pizza joints are run by Arabs. I don't think they are as good at inculturating pizza as the greeks have been.

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