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Les 11-19-2008 07:50 PM

Antivirus 2009
Has anyone else been hit with this bastard? It's hard to kill. I'm using Avast software and it has done a very good job until now. I have deleted every single instance off my hard drive, but I still get the bleeping pop up's. I'm feeling internet rage:eek:

rlf5 11-20-2008 08:11 AM

Re: Antivirus 2009
Try Malwarebyte's Anti-malware program. That and spybot.

egalecki 11-20-2008 08:37 AM

Re: Antivirus 2009
You can use Trend Micro's housecall as well. I have Avast on the upstairs computer (it's too old to run what I use on the main comp) and I better go check it! It's just used for schoolwork and teenage girl stuff....

What's the virus/malware involved here?

Les 11-20-2008 08:53 AM

Re: Antivirus 2009
The spyware is called Antivirus 2009. It's an anoying pop up that wants you to go to their site and buy their product.

rlf5 11-20-2008 12:13 PM

Re: Antivirus 2009
It also is embedded with a few trojans and dialers. It's quite have to scan a few times to get rid of it.

RTflorida 11-20-2008 02:20 PM

Re: Antivirus 2009
I have not been hit, but a coworker in AZ has. From what I understand this is a nasty one and very tough to rid entirely. My company has made my coworker ship his laptop back to corporate where the IT guys can cleanse it properly. So far, nothing on my PC or company laptop...I'm usually pretty careful what I click on (now that I've said that, I will probably be infected with something that will cause my pc to blow up in my face).

Good luck...let us know what works.


larrya1049 11-20-2008 03:07 PM

Re: Antivirus 2009
Hi Les
I agree with rlf5 use Malwarebyte's Anti-malware program. I do this for a living and this has been the best tool that I have found for cleaning it off. Also you may want to roll back your windows settings to an earlier date if you know how to do it.


Les 11-20-2008 05:29 PM

Re: Antivirus 2009
Thanks all! I ran the Malwarebyte's Anti-malware program. Was able to kill it - Yes!!
All I was doing was looking for some tax free municipal bonds when I got the damn thing. Anyone have a good suggestion, other than Detroit. I have a feeling that they are going to tank faster then my IGT stock. I was buying at $48, then 40, then 25 , then 10, ....:eek::eek:
What drives me insane is that these are very clever individuals - why spend the time to jack with someone's computer. They should be designing video games or spreadsheets for WFO's.


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