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Default Re: $72,000.00 job lost

Not necessarily, from what I've seen, 'Ted' only need worry about a jobsite death. An injured illegal will either work through the pain, disappear until he has healed...or go back home or to less dangerous work after he has healed.

The 'Teds' of the world love it...they win every bid (low labor) and have nearly no liability/health concerns. His only concern is INS catching up with his laborers or them packing up and moving on - In which case he will start over with another inexperienced crew tomorrow that is willing to work for peanuts and a 12 pack of Coke.
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Default Re: $72,000.00 job lost

I imagine if they aren't bonded and insured he may have to worry additionally about any damage to his building or failure of the build due to improper methods of application.
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Default Re: $72,000.00 job lost

sorry man Fight fire with fire I would also call the contractors board and find out if these guys have a lic. The only way to stop this in Calif is to vote the Dems out They have been running the state for over 40 yeaars. We just keep on given to the illigials.
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Default Re: $72,000.00 job lost

Yes we have dollar stores here in the US aka everything made in China.

Welcome to America we speak English here. When My relatives came to the US from Sicily via Brazil (due to quotas) they learned English. Italian/Sicilian was only spoken in the home and generally reserved for fights. The new immigrants do not have that mindset. Instead you can get a drivers license test in just about any language there is in the world. That was not the case 30 years ago.

Yes we have stooped to the level of price over quality.
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