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Caleb 10-08-2008 01:28 PM

WFO going up in Flagstaff, AZ
Before I start the details of this thread, I thank the folks at Forno Bravo. The resources and advice on this website are essential for my own project, as I am sure many others would agree. So THANK YOU! That said, I next have to admit that I am novice at construction projects so bear with me as I contribute to the Forum.

A little background (motivation)...
I live in Flagstaff, AZ. Heaven on earth (great weather, biking/running trails, and a strong community feeling), but to tell you the truth, no good Italian pizza. Iíve spent some time in Italy (see my bike touring website:, so I know what good pizza, and Flagstaff doesnít have it. So I got proactive.

I began the project in June, but I was much delayed because I opted to have the foundation poured by a local contractor, which was consistently delayed as I tried to find someone that would do the job at a reasonable cost. Okay, no more complainingÖ now Iím off and running now.

As for the progress on my oven, Iím completing the forms for the hearth this week and hope to lay the concrete this weekend. However, snow is in the forecast!

I look forward to talking (and eventually helping) other folks in the forum.


james 10-08-2008 01:53 PM

Re: WFO going up in Flagstaff, AZ
Excellent. Welcome aboard. Real pizza awaits!

One little thing -- I couldn't get you biking link to work. I'm a runner and am looking forward to seeing it.

Caleb 10-08-2008 02:26 PM

Re: WFO going up in Flagstaff, AZ
Hi James,

Thanks for the warm welcome. Lately, the oven is all I work on at home, which I really like. Nonetheless, I can't wait for the bite of that first pie.

It looks like the paranthesis got caught in the hyperlink... try this: Cycling Italy


dbhansen 10-08-2008 06:39 PM

Re: WFO going up in Flagstaff, AZ
Welcome! Sounds like you're well on your way. I wish I had your winter temps so I could continue working through the cold months!

Jraducha 10-09-2008 02:06 AM

Re: WFO going up in Flagstaff, AZ
Im glad to see another oven go up in Arizona. If you are ever in the Phoenix area we should get together. Its always a blast to talk with some one that has an interest in WFO...

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