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Enclosure clearance:

If you, space your studs such that there is no stud at the point the oven circle comes closest to the base edge, and cut the bottom track to be an "L" as it passes that same location, you can get the clearance down to the thickness of board + the amount the screws that hold it stick out the back.

Also, metal studs come in many different widths; you don't need to use 3 5/8" studs to frame the enclosure. The 3 5/8" size is what one uses for walls that are 8-12 feet high. Your enclosure will likely be less than 3' above the base. Studs and track are available in smaller sizes: 1 5/8", and 2 1/2". "Regular" studs can be used "flat" (rotated 90-degrees) as long as you brace the bottom & top part to span the track.

Oops -- that might be TMI
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Default Re: Thanks!

Thanks ! Never TMI for us finance jocks. Very helpful.

I have a 5' fence height plus the excavation (for the stand) on the hillside leading up to up to the fence so I should be able to keep it under 78" or so.

I'm working on the layout as we speak. Thanks.
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