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Originally Posted by cobblerdave View Post
That sounds a little tight on the bricks there v12spirit. You forgotten the entrance hearth and entrance way
Thanks for paying my attention to those omitted calculations. I am embarrassed by not reading the plans carefully, but you know I'm building with steel so I skipped the chapters that don't concern me so far. After considering those omitted calculations I end up with 10 more for the vent landing, and 13 more for the door entrance the total is 95+23 = 118 or 120 say provided that the chimney itself is not included. BTW when I did the math for your 42" oven I got exactly 155 bricks.
Dave has given you an elegant, simple, and reliable answer so go with it. You may use my papers as a concept if you plan one day to build an "immense" oven that no body has built before to be able to tell how many bricks will be needed
When you use my equations, add half of the result to get how much to buy so that junk bricks/cuts are considered:
120+60 = 180.
That sounds natural to waste third of your bricks being not a mason.
Why is this thus? What is the reason for this thusness?
I forgot who said that.
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Well, it sounds like 185 should be good - i see the "plans" call for 180. Even so I may round it up even further, to 200, to be on the safe side, it it fits within the weight limit for shipping a pallet. I think I pay per pallet. Having never cut a brick before, I'm bound to mess up my fair share. And I will consider the home brew option - sounds the more popular way to go. More complicated if I ship up the ingredients.
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Another question - I get charged a fee of $170+/- to ship a pallet up here on a barge; after fire bricks and mortar there is still room on the pallet for more stuff. To make the most of these shipping charges I thought I'd add some stucco to the order. They sell a premix stucco (see below). I plan to make an igloo - is this stucco product the sort I could use to cover the oven base and the oven itself after the isulation is in place? Any idea how much I would need?

IMASCO PREMIX 1000 is a mixture of portland cement
(conforming to ASTM C150), hydrated lime (conforming
to ASTM C206), inert aggregates, and additives
specially blended to provide improved workability, better
coverage, colour consistency, and increased water

Varies with thickness and texture. Approximately 8-
10yds2 (6.7-8.4m2) at ⅛” (3.2mm) thickness. IMASCO
PREMIX 1000 is ideal for most trowel textures.
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